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Includes "After a Fashion" and "Textures" with Mick Karn

The DVD above includes footage of Yellow Magic Orchestra in the recording studio.

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30th Anniversary of Adolescent Sex - Your Views



Adolescent Sex (March 1978)
  1. Transmission (translated into "Invitation To Fascination" on Japanese release)
  2. The Unconventional
  3. Wish You Were Black
  4. Performance
  5. Lovers On Main Street
  6. Don't Rain On My Parade
  7. Suburban Love ("Carousel of Love" on Japanese release)
  8. Adolescent Sex
  9. Communist China
  10. Television ("Temptation Screen" on Japanese release)

Original vinyl copies released in the UK and Europe include either a 2 sided lyric sheet or an inner sleeve with the lyrics in the same font as the back sleeve. Japanese LP's included the lyrics typed out in Japanese and English with a gatefold lyric sheet, plus some text in Japanese, and some black and white photos. Early OBI's promote the Japanese "Adolescent Club" on the back, and one copy of the LP I saw online came with the Victor Records promo flyer (see below).

The US and Japanese CD's include lyric booklets, but the EEC release does not. This album is currently available worldwide on CD: in the UK, Europe, Australia and Japan on BMG, and in the USA on Caroline Records. Produced by Ray Singer. Rumoured unreleased track from these sessions: "Razor", supposedly a ten minute rock number. One track that was written during the recording of this album, but which was held over until the next was... "The Tenant".

FYI, my favourite tracks here are "Lovers On Main Street" and "Suburban Love".

Charted at No 20 in Japan. The Japanese edition does not accurately translate some of the song titles, hence "Television" is "Temptation Screen" and so on.

  • Original UK/European LP with inner sleeve/lyrics or lyric sheet: Hansa AHAL8004. UK original copies manufactured by Pye Records, later pressings manufactured in Germany by Hansa International.
  • Holland LP Hansa 26 091 OT
  • German LP Hansa 26 091 XOT
  • Hong Kong LP Hansa HA 26 091 XOT - two versions exist, one with orange labels and the other with black labels, and a different insert with writing in Cantonese or Mandarin. Does anyone have more information?
  • French LP Carrere 67.271
  • Greek LP Music Box SMB40037
  • USA LP: Ariola America SW-50037
  • Canadian LP Ariola America/Canada Quality SW-50037
  • Italian LP Durium D.A.I. 30294
  • Japanese LP with gatefold insert/lyric sheet (different to other countries): Victor VIP6564
  • Japanese cassette VCW-1620
  • Hong Kong LP Hansa HA26091
  • UK re-issue LP Fame/EMI 4131081 (1985 release)
  • First Japanese CD: Victor VDP1153 - there are 2 versions, the 1st being priced at 3,200 Yen, with a later pressing at 3,008 Yen. Both are identical except for the price shown on the obi strip. 
  • Prime One 1800 yen Japanese CD  BVCP-7372 (1995 Remastered, recommended)
  • German CD: Ariola 74321 13881 2 (Unique master, warm sound, recommended)
  • USA CD (red bordered booklet): Caroline CAROL1201 (Same master as 1st Japanese CF)
  • Japanese CD with card sleeve: BMG BVCM-37218 (2001 Remastered, loud)

Many thanks to Alan and John for the record label scans, and to Scott and Stefan for catalogue number updates.

Japanese LP pressing with OBI

Japanese LP sleeve and flyer included in early copies for the "Adolescent Club". 

Promo flyer for the fan club
uk inner UK and German lyric sheet (inner sleeve with some copies)

Hong Kong insert 1

Hong Kong insert

Hong Kong insert 2




US test pressing

USA stock label
Japanese white label

Japanese promo
Japanese label

Japanese stock copy

Italian promo

German LP

uk label

Original UK label, made in England by Pye


UK release made in Germany

white label

UK test pressing


Later UK label from a re-press in 1982
Hong Kong

Hong Kong black and orange labels

Hong Kong

First Japanese CD with OBI

First Japanese CD with obi, Victor VDP1153

Adolescent Japanese

Japanese CD back showing obi


First Japanese CD design.

Back of Japanese CD

First Japanese CD back without obi 

Japanese CD re-issue with OBI

Japanese re-issue CD BVCP-7372

second cd disc

Japanese re-issue CD BVCP-7372

Japanese re-issue CD with card sleeve

Japanese card sleeve version


USA CD, Caroline CAROL1201 


Russian CD booklet

US booklet

Back of the US CD booklet

European CD inlay

Inside the European CD booklet.

Adolescent sex European

Back of the European CD booklet

German CD back sleeve
EEC back cover and CD
German CD label


UK original cassette inlay, ZCAHA 8004 


UK re-issue cassette inlay


Dutch cassette inlay 57761GT

Adolescent Sex Turkish LP
Turkish LP

Side One:
  1. Transmission
  2. The Unconventional
  3. Wish You Were Black
  4. Performance
  5. Lovers on Main Street
Side Two:
  1. Suburban Love
  2. Adolescent Sex
  3. Television

This information provided by the Ozboyz.
Cat no YP 647 and is on the Yanki label though Ariola Hansa is also listed.
Side One on the vinyl label all six tracks are listed but there are only 5 actual tracks on the vinyl. Side Two has three tracks listed on the label, Suburban Love, 
Adolescent Sex and Television and you can only see that there are three tracks cut into the vinyl. This must have been in relation to some censorship laws in Turkey. The guy who sold it to me said that there were only 500 copies pressed. The back sleeve has the tracks as follows:
Transmission, The Unconventional, Wish You Were Black, Performance, Lovers on Main Street, Don't Rain On My Parade (though this track has been whited out and you can just see the title underneath), Suburban Love, Adolescent Sex, Communist China (again this track has been blacked out completely), Television.
Japan (Australia & New Zealand 1978)

Australian LP sleeve

Click here to view a larger version of this image

  1. Transmission
  2. The Unconventional
  3. Wish You Were Black
  4. Performance
  5. Lovers On Main Street
  6. Don't Rain On My Parade
  7. Suburban Love
  8. Adolescent Sex
  9. Communist China
  10. Television

RCA Victor VPL14075 - watch out for the rarer New Zealand pressing which has slightly different labels.

"Adolescent Sex" with a less controversial title. This has a different sleeve design: a photo of the group standing, with David in the centre holding a sword. The same photo was used to promote "Adolescent Sex" in the UK. The back of the sleeve is a shade of purple and lists the song titles and group members.

Adolescent Sex (Remastered version, 2004)

The Unconventional
Wish You Were Black
Lovers On Main Street
Don't Rain On My Parade
Suburban Love
Adolescent Sex
Communist China
Bonus tracks: Don’t Rain On My Parade (Video)
Communist China (Video)
Adolescent Sex (Video)
Adolescent Sex (rare alternative video)
  • UK: BMG 82876566932
  • UK/European Jewel case version 2006: 82876 845222
  • Japanese: BVCM 31130
  • Japanese "Now & Forever" re-issue, different obi, BVCM 37798

UK release initially in a digipack, in 2006 this was replaced with a jewel case version including an amended booklet.

There is a digipack version of the UK release which features a couple more pictures than the jewel case version. The digipack booklet includes an image of the Japanese LP obi. The Japanese CD is available with two different obi designs but the contents inside are the same. In addition to the same booklet as the British releases, the Japanese get an extra booklet with full lyrics and the sleevenotes translated into Japanese. 

Japanese and UK covers
2004 reissue

Japanese 2006 version and UK CDR promo



4 track acetate sold on eBay in 2006, which was once owned by David Sylvian (and probably has labels hand written by him). "Performance" and "Don't Rain On My Parade" are supposed to be alternate mixes. From the original eBay auction page: "10 inch double sided metal acetate: Side 1: COMMUNIST CHINA & THE UNCONVENTIONAL Side 2: PERFORMANCE & DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE side 2 mixes are stated as differing from the final released version although PERFORMANCE cannot be authenticated as being any different, there are noticeable omissions in the DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE mix: - no falsetto backing vocals - no synth blips during 'I'm gonna live and live now' - also no claps during this section - no backwards piano or synth drone after this section - feedback guitar at beginning and end of track ----- double sided acetate with Utopia Studios Blue Room acetate label with handwritten titles: JAPAN - 45RPM 1. COMMUNIST CHINA 2. THE UNCONVENTIONAL 1. PERFORMANCE 2. DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE comes in original white sleeve with handwriten text: SIDE 1. COMMUNIST CHINA + THE UNCONVENTIONAL SIDE 2. PERFORMANCE (NOT ALBUM MIX) + DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE (NOT ALBUM MIX)"

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