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Adolescent Sex single

Adolescent Sex was the title track of Japan's debut album. It was re-recorded in Spring 1978, sounding far punchier and possessing real "hit potential". This happened in Germany and the Netherlands where the single became Japan's first top 30 hit.  In the UK, the track was released as the "other side" to "The Unconventional" (a double A side, though you can't really tell from the sleeve).  There are also versions of the single from Italy and Spain with different b-sides and picture sleeves, and an unusual Japanese flexidisc. 

Spain April 1978

Hand in fly picture sleeve lifted from the UK press campaign for the album of the same name. Both sides feature the versions from the album "Adolescent Sex".

A: Adolescent Sex  3.43
B: Don't Rain On My Parade 2.54

Spanish 7" Hansa 15502A.

There is also a rare version of this release with "Shut Up" written on the rear sleeve in the place of "Don't Rain On My Parade". Thankyou to Martin and Twan for providing information and Stefan for the scans.  

spanish Don't Rain
shut up

spanish label

Japanese Flexidisc 1978

This rarity was the result of a Japanese fan club competition. Entrants had to write lyrics in Japanese inspired by songs from Japan's debut album. The winners lyrics were recorded by David Sylvian.  There is no musical content. Many copies of this seem to have been given away with "Obscure Alternatives" but it was probably also sent out by the fan club. Thanks to Gerrit for the sleeve image.

  1. Adolescent Sex (2.03)
  2. Adolescent Sex (2.25)
  3. Lovers On Main Street (2.36)
  4. Suburban Love (2.33)

Victor FM-6512


Holland 7" Hansa 100.172.

A: Adolescent Sex (re-recorded version) 4.12
B: Sometimes I Feel So Low 3.39

This reached No27 in the Dutch charts and was Japan's first successful single.

Note that the German single uses the same catalogue number but has a different sleeve. The Dutch single has the correct running time noted for "Adolescent Sex", while the German pressing does not. 

Dutch single

Dutch back sleeve

Dutch label

Australian 7" RCA Victor 103308

A: Adolescent Sex (re-recorded version) 4.12
B: Sometimes I Feel So Low 3.39

Thanks to Gary for the Australian info and scans.

German 7" Hansa 100.172. 

The A side label incorrectly states that the song is the album version, running time 3.43. The back of the sleeve is an advertisement for the Adolescent Sex and Obscure Alternatives albums. Later pressings were put in a swirly generic sleeve. 

A: Adolescent Sex (re-recorded version) 4.12
B: Sometimes I Feel So Low 3.39 


German label

French 7" Carrere 49.466.

Thanks to Gerard. Same sleeve as the German (see picture) but with a "Carrere" logo and a very small "made in France" type message on Sylvian's trousers. Don't strain your eyes girls, it's only on the back sleeve which is not shown here. The French labels are injection moulded and do show the correct running time.

A: Adolescent Sex (re-recorded version) 4.12
B: Sometimes I Feel So Low 3.39

French sleeve label

Italian 7" 1979

Cover scen courtesy of Roberto Spiga. To view a large version of the image, including the record label, click here.

It was thought that this item was a promotional-only release and was never commercially issued as a single in Italy, but the Ozboyz managed to track down a stock copy with black/grey labels in a company sleeve.

"The unique picture sleeve features the same group shot on both sides with a blue block header at the top featuring 'JAPAN' in large red letters and the title tracks in smaller yellow letters - 'ADOLESCENT SEX' on the front and 'TRANSMISSION' on the reverse.

The back cover also carries the following credit: 'Distribuzione: DURIUM S.P.A. - MILANO - MADE IN ITALY'.

The large centre hole of the label is bordered with a black lower-case 'd' - the logo representing the Durium Marche Estere label subsidiary of Hansa. It also has the wording 'Disco Campione - Vietata La Vendita' to signify it's promotional staus on both sides."

Description above courtesy of eil.com 

A: Adolescent Sex (re-recorded version) 4.12
B: Transmission 4.45

Catalogue number: Durium DE-3068. (Thanks Lucio).

sexitaly.jpg (19960 bytes)

Promo picture sleeve and label
Italian label

Stock copy in company sleeve

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