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Japan Advertising

An alternative visual history of the group. If you have any advertising materials not shown on these pages, please contact me.


UK press advert prior to the first single


This one appeared in the same magazine


UK promotional poster

  Melody Maker advert

UK press advert for the Blue Oyster Cult tour

  Japanese ad

Japanese press advert for Adolescent Sex

Handbill from San Fransisco

San Fransisco concert flyer

UK press advert for Obscure Alternatives album and tour

obscureadjap.jpg (27202 bytes)

First Japanese advert for Obscure Alternatives

Above and right - USA press pack. This also included a set of promotional photos and excerpts from the UK fan club magazines

  getinto.jpg (24971 bytes)

US poster promoting the first two albums

  Tour flyer

"The New Rising Sound" European Tour 79

Detail of the Obscure Alternatives advert

adadsexobc.jpg (25673 bytes)

Japanese press adverts from early 1979

Japanese advert

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