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Includes "After a Fashion" and "Textures" with Mick Karn

The DVD above includes footage of Yellow Magic Orchestra in the recording studio.

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All Tomorrow's Parties single

UK & Ireland February 1983

7" version:
A: All Tomorrow's Parties (remix) 3.32
B: In Vogue (live) 6.00

12" version:
A: All Tomorrow's Parties (1983 Remix) 5.15
B1: Deviation (live) 3.10
B2: Obscure Alternatives (live) 5.55

Limited edition, with bonus 12"

A: European Son (Extended Remix) 5.37
B: Alien 5.00

Another old track remixed by Tin Drum and Brilliant Trees producer Steve Nye and with "new" approved photos of Sylvian on the sleeve. Also, some more "previously unreleased" material. The 7" has the "1983 remix" of the a-side plus "In Vogue" from the German "Live In Japan" EP, while the 12" has an extended version plus "Deviation" and "Obscure Alternatives" (both live versions) on it's back. Chart position: 38.

  • 7" HANSA18
  • 12" HANSA 1218
  • Limited edition double 12" HANSA 1218

There are 2 different 7" label variations available - with the old style Ariola Hansa version probably the rarer of the two. All Irish 7" pressings use this earlier label style. The other UK labels are injection moulded.

To make things more compilicated for collectors, there are also 4 different 12" labels (see below). None of them credit the producer correctly!

7" single sleeve front and back

back sleeve

Limited edition

Limited edition 12" with sticker noting the bonus "European Son" 12" single.
European son

The free European Son 12" 
7 inch label

UK and Irish 7" labels. Both erroneously credit Giorgio Moroder as producer. 

12" label 1 - credits Giorgio Moroder

label 2

12" label 2 - this one with a different Japan logo and the type re-arranged. Giorgio Moroder still shown as producer.

12" label 3 - has the type arranged differently and uses different label stock. Giorgio Moroder credited.

Punter label

12" label 4 - this one credits John Punter as the producer and includes the track time. If this was an attempt to correct mistakes it went badly wrong as the song was actually produced by Simon Napier-Bell and Japan! 

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