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Japan The Collection (UK 2000)

Nothing rare or previously unavailable on this disc, which is on the budget Armory label. This CD was only available for a very short time and may have sold as few as 500 copies, making it a future collectable. This was a UK release but was manufactured in Germany. Another point making it worthwhile for collectors is that it has a clean edit of "Alien", which often has a trace of "All Tomorrows Parties" on the "Quiet Life" album.

Catalogue number: ARMCD0011
  1. I Second That Emotion
  2. Obscure Alternatives
  3. Alien (clean edit - as on the b side of European Son)
  4. Quiet Life
  5. Adolescent Sex (album version)
  6. All Tomorrows parties (Assemblage version)
  7. Life In Tokyo
  8. Suburban Berlin
  9. In Vogue
  10. European Son
  11. Communist China
  12. Love Is Infectious
  13. Lovers On Main Street
  14. Deviation (live)
  15. Halloween
Japan the Collection
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