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Includes "After a Fashion" and "Textures" with Mick Karn

The DVD above includes footage of Yellow Magic Orchestra in the recording studio.

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  1. Adolescent Sex (re-recorded version) 
  2. Stateline 
  3. Communist China
  4. ...Rhodesia
  5. Suburban Berlin
  6. Life In Tokyo
  7. European Son
  8. All Tomorrow's Parties (alternate version)
  9. Quiet Life
  10. I Second That Emotion

UK and German compilation of single only cuts plus some filler from Hansa. This album was a big seller and spent nearly a year in the British charts (46 weeks). Every track is a classic. A remixed version of "All Tomorrows Parties" appears here, which was going to be released on a proposed single with European Son in 1979. Ultimately the track would be remixed again by Steve Nye prior to an eventual single release in 1983.

UK chart position: 26.

  • Original UK/German LP: Hansa HANLP1
  • Irish LP Hansa HANLP1 (old style Hansa labels)
  • UK re-issue LP: Fame/EMI FA 41 3136 1 
  • UK re-issue cassette: Fame/EMI FA 41 3136 4
  • Greek LP: Music Box M BOX-40146 (on label) SMB 40146 (on sleeve)
  • Hong Kong LP 204 067-320 (this appears with spaces on the sleeve and without on the label)
  • German CD (some with misprinted booklets covering up David's face): BMG 254 067 - this was available across Europe. 
  • Australian LP: RCA Victor VPL6633
  • Canadian LP Hansa/Canada Quality HANLP1
  • Australian cassette: RCA Victor VPK16633
  • Japanese CD with card sleeve BVCM-37221 (2001 remaster - loud)


Canadian LP sleeve, with a small Hansa "ship" logo at the bottom left corner.

Greek record label

Canadian LP label - there are two versions, one says "Canada Quality Records", the other adds a "Limited" to the record company name. 


UK re-issue LP label


German LP label, exported for the UK market

2nd Assemblage Fame label

Later label design for the UK "Fame" reissue

Irish label

Irish label


Australian LP label

Hong Kong LP label

Hong Kong LP label - similar to the British one except for the additional catalogue number on the left side.

test pressing

German test pressing
Sticker 1

Sticker that was on some copies of "Assemblage" when first released.
2nd sticker

Second sticker design - from early 1982.
3rd sticker

3rd sticker - from later in 1982 after "I Second That Emotion" was a Top 10 hit.

UK original tape ZCHAN 1 - the version with extra tracks (see section below) was not released until 1983, but did sell a lot more copies than this version. 


Two different original UK Assemblage cassettes


UK re-issue cassette on the Fame/EMI label

Fame tapes

Two different versions of the "Fame" tape

Australian cassette inlay

Australian cassette inlay


Australian cassette

German Tape

Original German tape

German tape

Later German tape (early 1990s)

German tape

assemcdeuro.jpg (12500 bytes)

German CD cover

German CD cover with misprint

German CD back

German CD back

German CD

German CD disc
Card sleeve

Japanese card sleeve CD

Japanese disc

Japanese card sleeve disc

Japanese LP/UK Special Edition Cassette (January 1983)

Side A of cassette as above:

Side B of cassette/Japanese LP includes -

  1. Life In Tokyo (remix 6.19)
  2. European Son (extended remix)
  3. I Second That Emotion (extended remix)
  4. Quiet Life
  5. Fall In Love With Me
  6. In Vogue (live)
  7. Deviation (live)
  8. Obscure Alternatives (live)

This album is far more interesting than the UK version because it includes most of the Hansa 12" single mixes, plus a previously unavailable remix of "Life In Tokyo". Not to be confused with the current Japanese double CD which contains the UK album plus a different selection of remixes and live tracks! The picture insert contains photos from throughout Japan's history, including some rare live shots from 1978. The LP version reached No45 in the Japanese charts.

Japanese LP with lyric sheet and picture insert: Victor VIL-6057.

Japanese cassette VCW-1793

Also available on side 2 of the Special Edition UK cassette version: ZCHAN-1. The cassette tapes themselves were manufactured with white and black stock.

Japanese CD

Japanese LP

Japanese Lp label

Japanese stock label

Japanese Assemblage white label

Japanese white label promo

zchan 1

UK cassettes


Korean LP version

Side A:

Suburban Berlin
Quiet Life

Side B:

Life In Tokyo
European Son
All Tomorrow's Parties
I Second That Emotion

Catalogue Number: Hansa DVPL-005 The sleeve is adapted from the Hansa International German release, but includes an additional sticker in Korean on the back sleeve, and some very small print at the bottom back of the cover.

This version of the LP only includes 7 tracks because the lyrics of "Adolescent Sex", "Communist China" and "...Rhodesia" failed the Korean censorship laws.

This pressing also includes a unique lyric insert.
LP sleeve
Back label

Japanese 2 CD version 1996

Disc 1 

  1. Adolescent Sex (re-recorded version)
  2. Stateline
  3. Communist China
  4. ...Rhodesia
  5. Suburban Berlin
  6. Life In Tokyo
  7. European Son
  8. All Tomorrow's Parties (alternate version)
  9. Quiet Life
  10. I Second That Emotion

Disc 2

  1. Life In Tokyo (part 2)
  2. In Vogue (live)
  3. Deviation (live)
  4. Obscure Alternatives (live)
  5. Sometimes I Feel So Low (live)
  6. Life In Tokyo (Theme)
  7. All Tomorrow's Parties (1983 Remix)
  8. I Second That Emotion (extended remix)
  9. Life In Tokyo (Long version - original 12")
This set includes a new booklet design and a set of postcards with its own obi (see picture). 

Japanese double CD BMG BVCP8606/7
Japanese booklets

Remastered edition 2004 (re-issued 2006 and 2008)

There are 3 versions of this release to collect - all are different. The original UK and Japanese CD's had a couple of errors; the opening bass note of "Adolescent Sex" is missing, and the version of "Life In Tokyo" included is the 12" version, not the remix from the UK cassette (called '82 remix). The Japanese edition also included an obi strip and an extra lyric booklet. In 2006 the UK CD was re-released with the tracks fixed and in a jewel case rather than a digipack. 

UK Remastered CD in digipack BMG 82876 566962
UK 2006 Jewel case version: BMG 82876 844462
Japanese remastered CD: BVCM31133
Japanese card sleeve CD 2008: BVCM-35416
Japanese 2004 release CD

Japanese CD showing the obi strip


Picture - UK CDR promo inlay.

Unofficial cassette releases:

Unofficial tape, including tracks by The B-52's! Kate Pierson later went on to sing for Mick Karn's group NiNa. Also note the spelling mistakes.
Catalogue number; 747 New Wave 7194
assemblage tape on RC

Another unofficial tape, RC 3964.

Unofficial tape with an alternate tracklisting
Catalogue number: S-2392A

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