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Includes "After a Fashion" and "Textures" with Mick Karn

The DVD above includes footage of Yellow Magic Orchestra in the recording studio.

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Rain Tree Crow - Blackwater

UK release

All formats except CD single (folio pack) and promo:

1. Blackwater
2. Red Earth (as summertime ends)
3. I Drink To Forget

CD single (folio pack):

1. Blackwater
2. Rain Tree Crow
3. Red Earth (as summertime ends)
4. I Drink To Forget


UK CD single with fold out inlay and lyrics VSCDT 1340


UK CD single folio pack VSCDX 1340

Also available: Cassette single VSC 1340

VSCDX 1340

CD single VSCDX 1340
Promo CD

UK promo 1 track CD VSCDT 1340DJ
7" single

label 7" single VS 1340

12 inch
12 inch label
12"single VST 1340

Regular CD single

CD single VSCDT 1340

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