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Includes "After a Fashion" and "Textures" with Mick Karn

The DVD above includes footage of Yellow Magic Orchestra in the recording studio.

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Japan A Foreign Place The Biography (2015)
by Anthony Reynolds

The definitive book on Japan, written with the cooperation of band members, producers, phoographers, business associates and many fans. Initially published in hardback, also available in paperback.
Hardbook book
Softback book

A Tourist's Guide To Japan


A Tourist's Guide To Japan by Arthur A Pitt.

36 pages. 1982 Proteus Publishing Ltd. ISBN0862761727.

A straighforward history of the group, up to the re-release of I Second That Emotion. Great pictures, mostly by Fin Costello. Don't be put off by the fact that this has only 36 pages, none are wasted as the typeface is pretty small.  The Japanese version was entitled "History From Tokio To London" and has identical content, with the exception of Japanese text.


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Sons Of Pioneers

By Fin Costello.

96 pages of photographs taken during the final tour. A little text to explain locations and some non-band members.

1983 Silverheath Trading Ltd ISBN00946662002.

An essential purchase. The Japanese version has a few extra pages, including some colour plates.


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The Last Romantic 

By Martin Power.

Includes a lot of information about the group. Several Japan era photos. Still in print from Omnibus Books.


Japan Live In Japan 1980

Special publication from Rock Show magazine (Shinku Music) in Japan.

Photo book following Japan on their 1980 Japanese tour. Lots of candid offstage photographs of the group out and about, along with some posed studio pin-ups.

Japan Photo Story

Published by Shinku Music 1983 in Japan.

Collects together most of the Japan interviews and articles from Music Life magazine between 1978 and 1982 with many archive photographs.

JAPAN Best-Hit Piano & Songs

This unique book contains the music and words of most of the songs David Sylvian composed during JAPAN's later years. The music is in easy-to-read arrangements with piano scripts and guitar chord symbols and full lyrics. Complete words to all the songs ae also given in a separate lyric section. 64 pages, each 9"x12, with 18 black and white pictures of the group and members (4 full-size Sylvian; 1 full-size Karn). Printed in Japan in the early 80's.


  • Gentlemen Take Polaroids
  • Swing
  • Nightporter
  • The Art Of Parties
  • Ghosts
  • Canton
  • Visions Of China

Information taken from Ebay description from user rainondesert.


Band Score Japan Best

Shinko Music Publishing

100 pages, includes the music and lyrics of "The Unconventional",  "Quiet Life", "Gentlemen Take Polaroids", "Swing", "Methods Of Dance", "Nightporter", "Ghosts", "The Art Of Parties" and "Sons Of Pioneers".
Band score

David Sylvian Japan Testi Con Traduizone A Fronte

Italian lyric book,188 pages, published 1988 - this book has the lyrics for 3 albums Quiet Life, GTP, and Tim Drum in English and Italian, it also has David's back catalogue up to Secrets of the beehive.
Italian book
8 Beat Gag

Japanese comic and poster book 1983

This collects together a series of Japan and YMO related comic stories which were published by Viva Rock magazine between 1981 and 1983. Members of other famous 80's groups such as Duran Duran, The Cure, The Jam, Queen and Culture Club also appear. The main plotline concerns Sylvian being besotted with Sakamoto, who is none too keen about the attention it seems. Very melodramatic. Beautiful caricatures of the Japan members that are extremely well done. There's a fold-out poster of Sylvian and Sakamoto. Hard to find.


Movement From Japan 2 - Japan, Duran Duran

This book, 300 pages, includes re-prints of magazine articles published in Japan.
Movement From Japan
Black Vinyl White Powder

By Simon Napier-Bell

This is a must-buy. Following on from Simon's first book, the compelling "You Don't have To Say You Love Me", which told his story from teenage years through to the mid 70's, this is part autobiography and part commentary on the music scene from the 80's to 2000's. Japan are given some significant chapters, revealing quite a lot about the early days in particular. The section about David encouraging the other group members to wear make-up is hilarious. Destroys several Japan myths and makes the members seem a lot more human. Throughout, Simon's writing style makes this a pleasure to read; you can imagine him talking to you over a bottle of wine and a good meal.


Starmakers and Svengalis

By Johnny Rogan

A book about several famous rock managers. Includes a chapter dedicated to Simon Napier-Bell in which he gives quite a lot of information about Japan. Essential reading.


Mooie Mensen

by Belinda Meuldijk.

This is a fictional novel (the title translates as "Beautiful People") about a girl who gets involved with the music scene and has various adventures with rock stars. Japan do not appear in the novel but their image is used on the cover (see right).  However, the author (her photo is below) did allegedly attempt a liaison with Mr Sylvian in the early days of Japan, but he apparently turned her down. Belinda is well known in the Netherlands these days as a writer and she is married to musician Rob de Nijs. Published in the Netherlands, now out of print. Thanks to Gerrit for the information and images.

 Rockshots by Koh Hasebe

Japanese book from 2002, includes some photos of Japan and there is a small image of Steve and David on the front cover.


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