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Includes "After a Fashion" and "Textures" with Mick Karn

The DVD above includes footage of Yellow Magic Orchestra in the recording studio.

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Japan CDR and Tape Bootlegs

This page includes for the most part bootlegs that have not been factory manufactured.  Many other Japan shows are in circulation on the file sharing networks and on fan made CD's. Sorry - none of these are for sale or trade from this website. Most of these bootlegs can be gained for free from other fans via the various online forums, or for small sums from a multitude of dealers on ebay. Do not get ripped off - get to know other fans before parting with your cash - a good starting place is the Yahoo! Group.

Japan 1977 Demos (CDR) 

Excellent quality. Recorded live in the studio; seems to be a recording of a concert reherasal rather than demos as such. Some in-between song banter. Song order and titles vary from copy to copy. Various cover designs have been sighted on Ebay, which is a likely place you can pick this up cheaply.

  1. Adolescent Sex
  2. Diamonds make You Feel Like A Woman
  3. Lovers On Main Street
  4. Body Rhythm
  5. Keep On Up
  6. Going Round
  7. Stateline
  8. Stepping' Out
  9. The Unconventional
  10. Wish You Were Black
  11. Suburban Love
  12. Mementoes Of Your Love (set up)
  13. Mementoes Of Your Love (full song)

fan made covers

4/6/78 Hammersmith Odeon (CDR)
  1. Obscure Alternatives
  2. Heartbreaker
  3. Suburban Love
  4. Ballad intro (lots of abuse from the audience! David does this acapella)
  5. Suburban Berlin
  6. Don't Rain On My Parade
  7. Adolescent Sex 
  • Recorded when Japan were supporting Blue Oyster Cult. The sound quality is not the best, but the main reason for tracking this down is because it is a piece of history - to hear Japan being verbally abused by the Blue Oyster Cult fans. During the ballad intro to Suburban Berlin, they even start slow hand clapping and stamping their feet. 

  • 31/7/78 London Music Machine (CDR)

    1: Love Is Infectious
    2: Communist China
    3: Obscure Alternatives
    4: Heartbreaker
    5: Suburban Love
    6: Suburban Berlin
    7: Sometimes I feel So Low
    8: Adolescent Sex
    9: The Unconventional
    10: Don't Rain On My Parade

    A fairly good recording, probably the best of the early concerts. 

    6/11/78 - London Lyceum (CDR)

    fan made tape inlay

    Poor quality, and not the full set but there is a backstage interview.

    1. Interview
    2. Don't Rain On My Parade
    3. Obscure Alternatives
    4. Love Is Infectious
    5. Deviation
    6. Suburban Love
    7. Suburban Berlin
    8. ...Rhodesia
    9. Sometimes I Feel So Low

    Paradiso Amsterdam 7/4/79 (CDR)

    fan made cover

    From an FM radio source. Pretty good quality, a little quiet. Despite this only being a few days before the Rainbow bootleg, it does sound different, more similar to the Japanese tour.

    1. Deviation
    2. European Son
    3. Suburban Love
    4. Suburban Berlin
    5. Sometimes I Feel So Low
    6. ...Rhodesia
    7. Heartbreaker
    8. Adolescent Sex

    Live At The Rainbow (CDR)

    fan made cover 

    Catalogue number of LP not known

    This was most commonly found in the 80's at record fairs as a tape bootleg, but a vinyl copy does exist, which was used as a master by one dealer. I have never seen the vinyl pressing on sale. Listen carefully to this one and you can hear telltale vinyl clicks and pops during some tracks. Worth searching for an early generation copy as there are some good ones out there. European Son is pretty close to the studio version, as is Halloween. The backing singers contributions are really good. Richard sounds like he has got some new synths since the Japanese tour about a month before, and is having a nightmare with them, leading to some delays between songs while he sorts them out. 

    1. Halloween
    2. Suburban Berlin
    3. Automatic Gun
    4. Deviation
    5. ...Rhodesia
    6. Suburban Love
    7. European Son
    8. Obscure Alternatives
    9. Adolescent Sex (with backing singers)
    10. The Unconventional (with backing singers)
    11. Life In Tokyo (with backing singers)
    12. Heartbreaker (with backing singers)
    13. Communist China

    London Venue 1980 (CDR)

    Full set. Rather muffled sound and an audience recording. Notable for the comment made by David before "Life In Tokyo" - "and now we're going to do the single the not many people saw fit to buy". I have seen tapes listed as January and March 1980, in fact two different tapes may exist. 
    1. All Tomorrows Parties synth/Alien
    2. ...Rhodesia
    3. Quiet Life
    4. Fall In Love With Me
    5. Deviation
    6. All Tomorrows Parties - segues into -
    7. Obscure Alternatives
    8. In Vogue
    9. Life In Tokyo
    10. Halloween
    11. Sometimes I Feel So Low
    12. Communist China
    13. Adolescent Sex
    14. Suburban Berlin
    15. Automatic Gun

    Mito Hall 27 March 1980 (CDR)


    fan made cover 

    Good quality recording, from FM radio, and well worth getting. Tape copies often include a short radio interview after the show. A new version has been on sale recently in Japan. It is apparently a CDR, but with (apparently) excellent factory made packaging (see below). 

  • Despair (intro tape - usually not on the CDR)
  • Alien
  • ...Rhodesia
  • Quiet Life
  • Fall In Love With Me
  • Deviation
  • All Tomorrows Parties
  • Obscure Alternatives
  • In Vogue
  • Life In Tokyo
  • Halloween
  • Sometimes I Feel So Low
  • Communist China
  • Adolescent Sex
  • I Second That Emotion
  • Automatic Gun
  • Japanese radio interview (on tape only)
  • Quiet Life Tour bootleg

    2008 Japanese bootleg release

    Koseinken Hall, Sapporo (CDR)

    Recorded 29/3/80.

    Poor quality, but note the inclusion of The Other Side Of Life!

    1. The Other Side Of Life
    2. Deviation
    3. In Vogue
    4. Life In Tokyo
    5. Sometimes I Feel So Low
    6. Communist China
    7. Suburban Berlin

    The Art Of Parties - Hammersmith Odeon 17/5/81 (2 CDR)

    Acceptable quality audience recording. Includes an unusual version of Obscure Alternatives, using some sampled asian voices, and a saxophone solo from Mick (similar to Ghosts in future tours). This was the last show Rob Dean played. In 2008 a new CDR bootleg appeared on sale in Japan, with marvellous looking packaging (se below after the track list). 

    Fan made covers.

    1. Burning Bridges
    2. Swing
    3. Gentlemen Take Polaroids
    4. Alien
    5. ...Rhodesia
    6. Quiet Life
    7. My New Career
    8. Obscure Alternatives
    9. Taking Islands In Africa
    10. Methods Of Dance
    11. Ain't That Peculiar
    12. The Art Of Parties
    13. Halloween
    14. European Son
    15. Life In Tokyo
    16. Sometimes I Feel So Low
    17. Fall In Love With Me 
    FrontInsideInside 2

    2008 Japanese CDR bootleg - right click and download or right click and open in new window to see more detail.

    Brighton 19/12/81 (2 CDR) 

    Good audience recording, possibly better than Drury Lane. Good version of Talking Drum. Someone drops something on the marimba during a quiet part of Ghosts and you can hear a few people in the audience laugh. Same set as the bootleg below.  


    fan made cover

    University Of Brussels 8/10/82 (CDR)

    Includes a backstage interview and sound check performances of "Swing", "Nightporter" and "Cantonese Boy", all of which are quite different to the versions in the show. Good quality recordings. In 2008 a Japanese CDR has been released with beautiful packaging:


    Right click and download or right click and open in new window to see more detail.

    Hammersmith Odeon 22/11/82 (CDR)

    Full set from the last UK show. Very atmospheric and David sounds emotional in his speech before Fall In Love With Me. This show has a lot of energy, the audience really enthusiastic, some tracks I'm sure are the same as Oil On Canvas. It sounds like Sandii is singing backing vocals during Life In Tokyo. There are two different recordings of this show in circulation, one excellent (one of the best audience recordings I've ever heard, noting the comments below against individual tracks), the other poor. 

    Odeon Odeon

  • Burning Bridges (intro tape)
  • Sons Of Pioneers (microphone movement noise)
  • Alien (sound level dips a bit)
  • Gentlemen Take Polaroids
  • Swing
  • Cantonese Boy
  • Visions Of China
  • Nightporter (sound cuts out once)
  • Canton
  • Ghosts
  • Still Life In Mobile Homes
  • Methods Of Dance
  • Quiet Life
  • European Son
  • The Art Of Parties
  • Life In Tokyo
  • David thanks various people
  • Fall In Love With Me

  • AC Halls Hong Kong 4/12/82 (CDR)

    Supposed to be reasonable quality. Seen on Ebay.

    Live In Japan 1982 (Japanese 2 CDR)

    Recorded in Tokyo, Nakano Sun Plaza  9th December 1982. Supposed to be a good quality stereo recording. Seen on Ebay.

    Hansa Rare (CDR) 

    Compilation of vinyl-only and hard to find Hansa era tracks I made for my own personal use e.g. Happy New Rock 'N Roll Year flexi disc, the Music Life flexi where Sylvian reads lyrics in Japanese, Quiet Life (Japanese single edit) etc.

    Some Kind Of Fool - Virgin Records Rare Tracks 1980 - 1983 (CDR) 

    Compilation of Virgin Records vinyl-only singles, b-sides and hard to find tracks I made for my own personal use e.g. Polaroids single mix, Burning Bridges (Sylvian mix), Ain't That Peculiar (single mix), Ghosts US LP edit, Canton live edit etc.

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