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May 1983

7" version: A: Canton (live) 3.46
B: Visions Of China (live) 3.34

12" version: A: Canton (live) 5.15
B: Visions Of China (live) 3.34

The single from the album "Oil On Canvas". The 7" features a shorter version of the title track and early copies had a gatefold sleeve with some photographs taken by Yuka Fujii. As this single did not sell a vast amount of copies, the regular sleeve version is harder to find than the gatefold version. The German 12" has red and green Virgin labels while the UK and Irish pressing has grey labels to match the sleeve design.  There is also a UK jukebox single with blue injection moulded labels. Chart position: 42 in the UK.

  • UK 7" VS581
  • UK & Ireland 7" with gatefold sleeve VS581 
  • 12" VS581-12
  • German 7" (catalogue number needed)
  • German/Dutch 12" 600 870
back sleeve
gatefold sleeve

UK and Irish pressings use the same label design, though the British one has more gloss to it.
jukebox single

UK jukebox single
German 12"

German 12" label
UK white label promo

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