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Visions Of China

UK, Australia, Spain October 1981 (re-issued October 1984 in the UK)

7" version:
A: Visions Of China 3.35
B: Taking Islands In Africa (remix) 4.53
12" version: UK plays at 45rpm, Australian at 33rpm
A: Visions Of China 3.35
B: Swing 6.25

The single to promote the release of "Tin Drum" and a real contrast to "Quiet Life"! The b-side on the 7" is a remixed version of "Taking Islands In Africa", with Sakamoto on keyboards, while the 12" is backed with "Swing". Some 12" copies come with "Swing" pressed twice for some reason! This was believed to have come about when the single was re-issued at the time of "Exorcising Ghosts", but I doubt this as I bought my copy (which has this fault) way back in 1982. 

But, there are more puzzles surrounding this single as the press adverts stated there was to be a 12" remix edition with an extended version of Visions Of China and a "Dance Mix" of Swing! To date, no copies of this disc have surfaced, but if you know better please get in touch. The extended version of "Visions Of China" was released on a compilation CD of 80's hits "Kult Klassix". Chart position: 32.

  • UK 7" Virgin VS436
  • UK 12" Virgin VS436-12
  • Australian 7" VS-436
  • Australian 12" VS-436-12
  • Spanish 7" 505705

Picture sleeve front,  common to all releases

UK back cover

UK back sleeve
7" label

UK 7" label

UK record label from the 12"

Spanish record label (click here for the large version )

Spanish back sleeve (click here for the large version)

Australian single

Australian 7" label

Australian 12" label (click here for a large version)

Australian 7" promo (click here for a large version)

White label

UK white label test pressing, sold on eBay in May 2008

Visions Of China/Canton

Promotional 12" - USA 1982

Released to promote the USA Japan compilation album. This contains the Tin Drum studio versions of the above tracks - and so is not to be confused with the later live single taken from Oil On Canvas. No picture sleeve. Some copies have a message stamped on the sleeve (see to the right). 

  • Epic 49-02756.
US promo

Promo stamp

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