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Don't Rain On My Parade

UK, Germany, Italy & Australia March 1978

A: Don't Rain On My Parade 2.54
B: Stateline 4.45

The UK edition was issued in a plain black Ariola/Hansa sleeve and the disc has paper labels bearing the colourful "colour spectrum" background. Some copies have solid centres while others have press-out centres. Promos have a large "A" on the appropriate side. As with all of the early Hansa pressings, which were manufactured by Pye, this is a good quality one with a really punchy sound.

The German edition has a glossy colour picture sleeve and wrongly titles the b-side as "Unconventional State Line". The typography on the sleeve is a bit deceptive which has led some dealers to sell this as an E.P. containing the track "The Unconventional", but this is not the case. The labels on the German edition are also paper, but they are the slate grey and silver "Hansa International" ones. The sound quality of the German edition is not as good as the UK version (not bad, just not as good) and the vinyl is noticeably thinner, with that "brittle" feel.

The Australian single was presented in an RCA company sleeve.

Finally, the Italian edition, issued on Hansa's affiliate Durirum, is housed in a sleeve which is like a miniature of the "Adolescent Sex" album.

"Don't Rain On My Parade" also appears on the Japan album "Adolescent Sex" while "Stateline", a rarity for a couple of years, has turned up on numerous compilations e.g. "Assemblage" and "In Vogue".

Single review in the NME 8/4/78: "A fairly clever Tubes-like overkill job on the old Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney showtune by a band whose ad motif - a hand down a pair of trousers - has been liberally plastered on walls and papers over the last few weeks. Unfortunately it's a bit too clever and smacks, like the ad, of some gimmick merchant's idea of the easiest route to a fast buck."

The German sleeve has the following article on the back (thanks Lech!):

"Punk, New-Wave -na gut, das war! Hier kommt JAPAN mit Rock "Im Reich der Sinne". Ihre erste Single ist die ureigene Version eines Barbara Streisand-Hits, den die 5 Engländer auch auf ihrer ersten LP präsentieren."

& in *english*: "Punk, New-Wave -that's gone! Here is JAPAN with their first single "Don't Rain On My Parade" which was actually one of Barbara Streisand's-hits. JAPAN, who come from England, have really put their own mark on this recording, which is also included on their shortly to be released LP."

The Australian 7" lists the time of "Stateline" as 4.54, but it plays the regular version.

Thanks to Lucio De Francesco for the info on the Italian edition and Gary for the Australian info.


UK single AHA-510

Aroila sleeve

UK promo single in Ariola sleeve

UK label

UK label with press out centre
uk promo

UK promo label


German Hansa 15502AT
German back sleeve

German back sleeve

German label
German A side label
state line
b-side label "Unconventional State Line"

itdont7.jpg (8060 bytes)

Italian Durium DE3014


Italian back sleeve

Italian label

Italian label
Australian sleeve
Australian single in RCA sleeve

Acetate offered for sale on eBay in 2004.
It does not appear on popsike.com so the selling price is not known.

Australian RCA 103208

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