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European Son (Japanese Bootleg CD)

This Japanese CD features a remixed version of the 6/3/79 Budokan recording, with the interview material removed, plus four bonus tracks from Japanese TV appearances in 1979 and 1980. The sound quality is better than the Budokan/Big In Japan boot, less harsh. I have listened to this on headphones and it's a little rough because of the sound in the Budokan, screaming girls etc, but is really quite acceptable. Sadly, the two tracks from TV in 1979, "Sometimes I Feel So Low" and "European Son" are mono recordings. This second version of "European Son" is shorter than the Budokan version and the synths are arranged differently, with a new melody appearing during the instrumental middle section. The final two tracks, from March 1980, are in stereo and probably the best quality on this disc. Barbieri has a strong presence during "I Second That Emotion", the version starting and ending in a similar fashion to the later 12" extended version. Finally, "Quiet Life" rather oddly starts during the first verse amongst a load of screams, but is otherwise a revelation, again because Richard's synths take centre stage. The CD is well presented, with photos taken during the Budokan concerts in the booklet and on the back cover. 

There are 2 different disc designs for this CD; I bought mine from a seller in Tokyo when the disc was first out. Stefan's copy has an alternate design on the disc (see left) - his was also bought in Tokyo.

Catalogue number: 935-2.

  1. Don't Rain On My Parade
  2. Obscure Alternatives
  3. Love Is Infectious
  4. Deviation
  5. European Son
  6. Suburban Love
  7. Ballad ~ Suburban Berlin
  8. Adolescent Sex
  9. The Unconventional
  10. Automatic Gun (all 6/3/79 Budokan Tokyo)
  11. Sometimes I Feel So Low (12/3/79 TV performance)
  12. European Son (12/3/79 TV performance)
  13. I Second That Emotion (17/3/80 TV performance)
  14. Quiet Life (17/3/80 TV performance)
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back sleeve

back booklet


First CD design

Alternate CD design

Alternate CD design

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