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Exorcising Ghosts (October 1984)

  1. Methods Of Dance
  2. Swing 
  3. Gentlemen Take Polaroids
  4. Quiet Life
  5. A Foreign Place 
  6. Night porter (with early fade)
  7. My New Career
  8. The Other Side Of Life
  9. Visions Of China
  10. Taking Islands In Africa (Steve Nye remix)
  11. Ghosts
  12. Sons Of Pioneers
  13. Voices Raised In Welcome, Hands Held In Prayer (no audience noise)
  14. Life Without Buildings
  15. Talking Drum (with truncated intro)
  16. The Art Of Parties (12" version)

Compilation album which was supervised by Sylvian. Again, the Japanese CD version is the one to look out for as it is a double with some extra tracks. It must be mentioned that the selection of tracks was definitely geared towards the Japanese market, with a large proportion of tracks previously unavailable on album in that country. Unfortunately, what was true in Japan was not true in the UK and, therefore, the album's promotion, mentioning "unreleased tracks" was incorrect for the domestic market, attracting criticism at the time. UK chart position: 45.

  • UK double LP (some copies have a silver diamond shaped sticker and a  Russell Mills designed insert with the lyrics for the Quiet Life, Gentlemen Take Polaroids and Tin Drum album lyrics): VGD3510
  • UK cassette VGDC3150
  • Same catalogue number on the New Zealand pressing
  • Japanese LP 20VB-1015.16
  • Japanese cassette 40VC-1015
  • Japanese re-issue LP JL-1003~4  (Virgin Best Selections edition)
  • Japanese double CD: VJCP-36017. 
  • Japanese double CD re-issue: VJCP-36044-45
  • Canadian LP with single slipcase style sleeve and inner sleeves using the UK lyric sheets (thanks Obsidian!) CDVR 2513
  • German/Dutch/Belgian LP 302 500-370 - has inner sleeves with lyrics. Lists "Quiet Life" as having a running time of 7.47 but sadly this is a typo. 
  • Greek LP VGD 3510
  • Spanish LP XD 302500

UK LP with sticker mentioning the limited edition lyric sheet
Back cover

Back cover
Innerinner 2

Inner gatefold
lyric sheet 2

Lyric sheet

Japanese LP


Japanese  re-issue LP

Uk label

UK label


Japanese promo label


Japanese re-isue label "The Best Of Japan"

New Zealand LP label

Italian label

Italian LP label
German label

German/Dutch/Belgian label

Greek label

Greek LP label

French label

French label


Spanish label


Canadian LP label

Japanese CD

Japanese double CD VJCP-36044-45

Test pressing

UK LP test pressing, called "Japan Hits".


Japanese double CD VJCP-36017

Back of the Japanese double CD VJCP-36017

Master tape

Master tape

master tape

Detail of master tape box

Japanese cassette

Japanese cassette

UK cassette

Exorcising Ghosts

UK cassette inlay and tape
Exorcising Ghosts (11 track version)
  1. Methods Of Dance
  2. Gentlemen Take Polaroids
  3. Quiet Life
  4. Night porter
  5. My New Career
  6. The Other Side Of Life
  7. Visions Of China
  8. Ghosts
  9. Life Without Buildings
  10. Talking Drum (edited intro)
  11. The Art Of Parties (12" version)
  • Original UK CD VGDCD-3510 - silver disc
  • Original German CD VGDCD-3510 - blue disc
  • Dutch/EU CD VGDCD-3510 - silver disc with different type (this version currently available).
  • Japanese CD (1986) 32VD-1112 - with added title "The Best Of Japan" - made by Toshiba-EMI
  • Japanese CD (1987) Virgin Japan VJD-128
  • Japanese CD (1988) VJD-28094

Original Japanese CD booklet (32VD-1122) - typography as on the vinyl album
32VD-1122 back

Back cover of 32VD-1122


Original Japanese CD design 32VD-1122

Dutch CD

Dutch CD

Exorcising Ghosts

Insert from Japanese 11 track  CD 32VD-1112 showing "The Best Of Japan".


German and UK original CDs

Japanese CD VJD-28094


Japanese re-issue CD VJD-128

VJD-128 CD

Japanese promo CD, VJD-128


Back cover of Japanese promo version, VJD-128


Back of the West German original CD with no barcode. 

UK promo

Back cover of the UK 1st pressing, with promo sticker and no barcode.


Back cover of the  second UK CD with barcode


Back cover of another UK CD with the barcode in a different place. The numbering on the barcode is the same, as are the discs inside.

Dutch back

Back cover of the Dutch CD which is the pressing currently on sale throughout the EU (as of 2018).

Unofficial tape, alternate tracklisting New Wave 9661

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