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March 1982 (CD 1988)

7" and 12" versions:
A: Ghosts 3.55
B: The Art Of Parties (version) 5.18

CD single:
1: Ghosts 3.55
2: The Art Of Parties (version) 5.18
3: Visions Of China 3.35

This single is a definite must for collectors as both sides are different to the album versions. The b-side in question is a live version of "The Art Of Parties" recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon during the 1981 winter tour. The CD single has "Visions Of China" as a bonus track. Chart position: 5.

  • 7": VS472 - some early pressings show the wrong times (see below)
  • 7" picture disc: VSY472
  • 7" Australian promo VS472 (to view a large scan of this item, click here). Thanks to Roberto Spiga.
  • New Zealand 7" VS472
  • French 7" 104221 - with green labels but very similar sleeve to the UK release
  • German/Dutch 7" 104221 - this lists the running time of "Ghosts" as 3.49
  • Italian 12" VINX 654
  • 12": VS47212 - as with the 7" there are copies out there showing the wrong running times
  • 3" CD: CDT11

7" single sleeve

UK single label

regular single label

Rare UK 7" label showing the wrong running time

White label

UK White label test pressing

12" single

12" single sleeve
back sleeve

Back sleeve


7" picture disc, front and back

CD single front and back


CD single
CD single disc

Italian 12" label - click here for a larger version

German front sleeve German back sleeve

German sleeve front and back

German label.

new zealand

New Zealand 7" label - has the running time for both tracks swapped, so Ghosts is listed as 5.18 and Parties as 3.55.

Australian single

Australian single
French single

French single

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