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Instant Pictures (Video)

  1. Gentlemen Take Polaroids (single version)
  2. Cantonese Boy (live)
  3. Swing (short version)
  4. Still Life In Mobile Homes (live)
  5. Nightporter (short version)
  6. Canton (live)
  7. Visions Of China
A compilation of promotional videos and extracts from "Oil On Canvas" (which are cut differently). It was considered poor value at the time and doesn't even contain all the promo films the group made. The one good point about it is the otherwise unavailable single version of "Swing". The Hong Kong video CD bootleg is fairly good quality but you would be a lot better off to get the Instant Video DVD (see below) or The Very Best of Japan DVD.

The Japanese VHS and Beta versions included a fold-out insert with a biography of the group and some pictures.
  • UK video VVC-049
  • Japanese 8 inch laserdisc
  • Hong Kong Video CD
  • Japanese VHS with card slipcase: VTM-21
  • Australian VHS tape: VIR 107
  • Australian Betamax tape: VIR 107
Instant Pictures

UK VHS cover
Japanese LD

Japanese Laser Disc
Australian VHS

Australian VHS

Australian Betamax
Japanese tapeBack cover

Japanese VHS front and back

Japanese label
Insert 1

Japanese VHS insert
Insert 2

Video CD
Back cover

Video CD back
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