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In Vogue (1996)

UK/European CD: Camden/BMG 74321 393382
Also released in Australia
  1. The Unconventional
  2. Lovers On Main Street
  3. Transmission
  4. I Second That Emotion
  5. All Tomorrow's Parties (called 12" version but it is the album version)
  6. Alien (some vocals missing)
  7. Halloween
  8. Suburban Berlin (noticeably different)
  9. Quiet Life (some synths missing)
  10. Love Is Infectious
  11. Fall In Love With Me
  12. Adolescent Sex (re-recorded version)
  13. European Son (extended remix - lead synth riff missing)
  14. In Vogue
  15. Life In Tokyo (remix - some synths missing)
Nice sleeve photos (taken from the Visions Of China video) but otherwise only notable because it was mistakenly pressed in mono! Only one of the stereo channels was reproduced, but plays through both speakers, so inevitably some of the tracks sound quite different. Maybe this is the rarity of the future? Complaints about the quality of this CD eventually led to the release of remastered albums on BMG eight years later. Thanks to Stefan and ozboyz for the images.

in vogue cds    British CD above and Australian CD below.

back covertray

Back and inside of the CD tray inlay

Booklet inside

Inside the booklet

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