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Various Artist Compilations featuring Japan

Robin Kirby, ozboyz, Toby, Michael, Kevin, Roberto, Mark, Twan, Simon, Siobhan and Stefan have all contributed to this page - thankyou all!

Where an album includes a rare track - one that is not commonly found elsewhere in the Japan discography, or that only appears on CD here - the title is noted in red.

231 compilations listed as of 26/06/2011.

Absolute Hits Alternative 80s (CD)

Absolute Hits

UK 2007

Crimson (catalogue number needed)

Track: Quiet Life (version to be confirmed but likely to be the 4.24 edit that appears on other Crimson label releases).

Absolute Synth Classics (2 CD)

Absolute Synth Classics

Sweden 2002


Track: Visions Of China

Action Replay (1979) (LP)

Action Replay

Includes the alternate video edit version of "Adolescent Sex" (3.08). This is a shorter version of the "re-recorded" version, missing one verse. 

K-Tel Holland TN-1411

Action Trax 2 (LP)

Action Trax

UK 1982

K-Tel International NE 1162

Track: European Son (Steve Nye 7” remix)



UK 1990


Track: Nightporter – 7” remix [5.01]  - thanks to Robin for confirming this - I originally had this CD listed as including the 12" version

A Kick Up The Eighties: Shout To The Top - Volume 8 (CD) 

Kick 8

UK 1992

Old Gold OG 3527

Track: Quiet Life (3.35)

All Lined Up - The Kult Of The Eighties (2 CD)

All LIned Up

Netherlands 2003

Universal TV 039 477-2

Track: Quiet Life

Ambient - Imaginary Landscapes (2 CD)


UK 1993

Virgin AMBT2
Tracks: Rain Tree Crow - New Moon at Red Deer Wallow. Also features David Sylvian (The Healing Place), Sylvian/Fripp (Bringing Down The Light), Sylvian & Czukay (Premonition), Jansen/Barbieri (When Things Dream)

Ambient Journeys (CD)

Ambient journeys

UK 1997

Virgin CDOVD495

Track: Rain Tree Crow - Red Earth (As Summertime Ends)

Ambient Moods (CD)

Ambient moods
UK 1996

Polygram TV 5259522

Track: Ghosts (LP version)

Ambient3: The Music of Changes (2 CD)


UK 1994

Virgin AMBT3

Tracks: Red Earth As summertime Ends (RTC). Also includes Darshana, Epiphany and Mutability by David Sylvian. 

Atomic 80s (2 CD)

Atomic 80s

UK 2001

Universal 585162-2

Track: Quiet Life (LP version)

Audio 80's (CD)

Audio 80s

Germany 1990

BMG 261 299

Track: I Second That Emotion

Back To The 80's - Pop & Wave (3 CD)

Back To The 80s

Netherlands 2000

Sony SMM 501266 2

Track: Adolesent Sex

The Best Of 80's Remixed (3 CD)

Best of 80s remixed

UK 2007

Apace Music BOFCD14

Track: I Second That Emotion (Steve Nye extended mix) 5.16

The Best Of Music - Electro 2.0

Electro 2

EEC (made in the Netherlands) 2005

Disky DC 903204

Track: Visions Of China 

Best of New Romantic

Best of new romantic

UK 2006

Sony BMG/EMI 094637446522

Tracks: I Second That Emotion and After a Fashion by Mick Karn & Midge Ure.

The Best Of 12" Synth Gold (1990) (CD)

Synth Gold

Includes the 6.15 remix of Life In Tokyo that was first released on the cassette of "Assemblage".

UK 1990

Old Gold OG-3802


Old Gold

This compilation from the late, lamented Old Gold, is the only place I’ve ever seen Nightporter – 12” remix [6.46]. 



Best of The Eighties (6 CD box set)

The Best of the 80s

EU 2000

EMI Gold 7243 5 28435 2 7   

Track: "Ghosts"

Best Of The 80s  (3CD box set)

Best of the eighties

UK 2006

EMI/Sony 094636454122

Track: I Second That Emotion (7” version)

The Best Of Eighties  (3CD box set)

best of eighties

UK 2006

Apace BOFCD01

Track: I Second That Emotion (7” version)

Breaking The Back Of Indie (2 CD)


New Zealand, date not known

Catalogue No:  GG4

2 x CDR - Unofficial Release Compilation

Includes:  'Suburban Berlin'

Note:  Sampler used as a giveaway to promote an underground indie music event in New Zealand

Breakout 22 Roaring Great Hits! (LP)


UK 1982

Ronco RTL 2081

Track: I Second That Emotion (version to be confirmed)

Brilliant Eighties

brilliant eighties

UK 1998

Virgin CDVIP199
Track: Ghosts (LP version)

Brilliant Eighties Two

brilliant eighties 2

UK 1998

Virgin CDVIP224
Track: Visions of China 

Brilliant 80's Glittering Prize (CD)


Netherlands 2004

Disky 0724389912227

Track: Visions Of China

Briliant 80's Wishfull Thinking (CD)

Wishfull thinking

Netherlands 2004

Disky (catalogue number needed)

Track: Ghosts

Note the pic of Japan from 1978 on the front cover of the CD!

The Britpack: 80s UK innovators Of Pop (3 CD)


EU 2005

K West/Disky 8711539021160

Track: Ghosts

Cash Cows (1981) (LP)

cash cows

Various artists compilation including the "alternate" recording of "Ain't That Peculiar" that was later put on the b-side of "Nightporter" in the UK and has never appeared on CD. This may be of interest as the recording here is more likely to be free of crackles than the 7" single. 

  • UK - Virgin Records MILK-1
  • Netherlands - Ariola Benelux 202.969

Catch The 80's (CD + VCD)

Catch the 80s

Hong Kong CD + CD video

Includes the video of "Gentlemen Take Polaroids" on the CDV, plus audio tracks of Polaroids (5.14 edit), Bamboo Music and Sakamoto's Fieldwork. Japan and Sakamoto both appear on the sleeve. 

Chartbeat (LP)

Chart Beat

UK 1982

K-Tel International NR 1180A

Track: I Second That Emotion (7” remix version)

Chart Wars (LP)

Chart Wars

UK 1982 LP

Ronco RTL 2086 

Track:  "Life In Tokyo (Special Remix)"

Chilled Out (3 CD box set)

chilled out

UK 2003

EMI Gold 724358193725

Track: Ghosts (LP version)

CHOICE: Danny Howells (2 different versions)



UK 2007

Azuli Image 1. AZCD42UM (2 CD only, unmixed), Image 2. AZCD42 (CD + DVD, tracks mixed)

Tracks: Ghosts (3.56) - on the mix CD this is an edited version mixed with other tracks and with added sound FX. It is the full song, so counts as a remix. Really good. On the unmixed CD Ghosts is the album version. 

The Classic Eighties Mix (2 CD)

Classic 80s mix

Australia 1998

Startel Entertainment STELCD0055  

Features "Quiet Life".

Classic Rock (CD)

Classic Rock

Netherlands 1993

MCA 31064 MCD

Track: Adolesent Sex

Club For Heroes (CD)

Club for heroes

UK 1992

Telstar TCD 2566

Track: I Second That Emotion (7” version)

Completely New Romantic (CD)

Completely New Romantic

UK 2001

EMI Gold 724353119324

Track: Ghosts (LP Version)

Computer Sound 3 (CD)

(artwork needed)

Russia 1995

(Catalogue number needed)

Track: Alien (5.02)

This may be an MP3 only compilation, as it seems only to appear on Russian MP3 sites. 

Daily Star 80's Pop (CD)

Daily Star

UK 2004

Express Newspapers/Daily Star DS004   

Track: "Quiet Life" (3.37)

Dance The Alternative 2 (2 CD)

Dance The Alternative 2

Dutch/German  2000

Universal 541.573-2

Track: The Art of Parties (7 inch single version)

The Dawn of Electronica Uncut (CD)

dawn of electronica

UK 2000

Demon Uncut CD001

Track: Life In Tokyo (Souvenir from Japan mix) (4.01)

The Decade One (LP)

Decade One

Germany 1991

EMI Germany 186-7967091

Track: The Art of Parties (12” version)

Direct Hits (UK 1982) (LP)

Direct Hits

 "Nightporter" - a unique edited version that is shorter than the regular 7" but longer than the DJ 7".
  • STAR-2226

Disco del Mese 

(means: "Record of the month")

Disco del mese

Italy 1995

Catalogue #: DdM-22

Roberto Spiga: "It is a NOT FOR SALE (in italian: "Edizione fuori commercio") just a supplement to the italian newspaper "LA REPUBBLICA". # 22 in a series, this is the only one that included a Japan's track."

Japan track included: Visions of China (time 3'38")

Disco Mania (LP)

Disco Mania

Germany 1979 - also released in Austria, Switzerland and Holland.

K-Tel TG 1211

Track: "Adolescent Sex" - this is another edit of the "re-recorded version", missing the second verse and with a second cut in the final few "take it much higher" parts. The version on "Action Replay" is much better, and the fact that Japan used that version for TV performances and the video makes it more "official'. This compilation reached No3 in the Swiss charts.  

There is also a red vinyl pressing of this LP. I didn't believe it, but Simon sent in the photo below as proof!

Discomania red vinyl

Double Art (LP)

Double Art

Germany 1981

Ariola 204 012

Tracks: Life In Tokyo (3.30), Art of Parties (3.55)

Double Art Vol. 2

Double Art 2

Germany 1982

Ariola 204 754

Track: Visions Of China (3.37)

Dressed In Black (2 CD)

Dressed In Black

EU 1999

PolygramTV 564 410-2

Track: Adolescent Sex (4.14)

Duracell Pop Hits (cassette)

Pushbike Records PBC0023

Track: Quiet Life

Echoes of Darkness (CD)


Germany/Belgium 1997

PolygramTV 731455392128

Track: Adolescent Sex (Re-recorded Version) (4.14)

Echoes of Darkness Volume 2 (CD)

Echoes 2

Germany/Belgium 1997

PolygramTV 555 560-2

Track: Suburban Love (7.28)

The Edge of the Seventies (CD)

Edge of the 70s

Sony BMG 2008. 88697372412.

Track: European Son- original 7" mix 3:39m

The Edge of the 80s

Edge of the Eighties

UK 2008 Sony BMG 8869729402 Track: Quiet Life (7” single version), Life In Tokyo (original 7” version) and Red Guitar

The Eighties Mix (CD)

Eighties mix

Global Polygram TV RADCD85 - 1998

Megamix of early 80's electronic/new wave hits including a version of "Quiet Life" (3.54) segued between The Communards "Don't Leave Me This Way" and Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams". 

The 80s Nightclubbing (CD)

80s nightclubbing

USA 1999

K-Tel 022775430820

Track: Quiet Life

The 80s Tapes: pop & wave

eighties tapes

Germany 2007

Sony/BMG 88697136682

Track: All Tomorrowís Parties (12 inch remix)



UK 2002

Demon Music Club MCCD508

Track: Quiet Life (LP Version)



UK 2007

Music Club MCCD623

Track: Quiet Life (LP version)

Electric Dreams (2 CD)

Electric Dreams

Country/Year: UK 1995

Label: PolygramTV 525435-2

Track: Quiet Life (LP Version)

Electric Dreams

electric dreams

UK 1995


Track: Life In Tokyo (7 inch version as on Assemblage LP)

Electric Dreams: 80s Synth Pop Classics (2 CD)

Electric Dreams

UK 2002

Virgin/EMI VTDCD447

Track: Ghosts (LP version)


Electric 80sElectric 80s

UK 2005

This 2005 3CD set includes Life in Tokyo (original 12” version) [7.06] and Quiet Life (LP version) [4.48].

SONY/BMG – 82876705382

Appears to have been released in a white or black cover.

Electric: High voltage hits from the 80s (CD)


UK 1997

Crimson  CRIMIDCD03

Track: Quiet Life 4.24 edit . I got excited when I saw this one as I thought it may have been the Japanese 7" edit, but it is different.



This 2002 compilation is the only UK CD I’ve ever found I Second that Emotion (7” remix) [3.56] on and, amazingly, the booklet to this 2CD set actually correctly lists that it’s the remix by Steve Nye! Also contains the mono version of Quiet Life (LP version) [4.48] obviously given to them from the, then recent, master compiled for the In Vogue CD.


Electric Level 2 (CD)

Electric level 2

UK 2003

BMG/Telstar TV TTVCD3329

Track: Life In Tokyo (original 7” version)

Electricity: 18 Synth Pop Hits (CD)


UK 1993

MCI Music MUSCD 008

Track: Quiet Life (LP Version)

Electrocity Vol.1 (CD)


Germany 1992

Ausfahrt EFA-CD-06303

Track: Taking Islands In Africa (5.07)

Electronic (CD)


UK 1997


Track: Life In Tokyo Remix (6min 18 sec version)

Electropop Essentials (CD)

Electropop Essentials

USA 1999

Universal HIPD-40145

Track: Gentlemen Take Polaroids (7" version 3.29). 

Enter The 80s (CD/DVD)

Enter the 80s

Warner Music Australia 2005 5101109352.

Gentlemen Take Polaroids on CD 3:20m version

Essential 80s (3 CD)

Essential 80s

UK 2006

EMI Gold 094634974325
Track: Cantonese Boy

Essential New Wave Vol. 1 (CD)

essential new wave

Belgium 2005

EMI 0094633627628
Track: Visions of China 


Extended 80s

This 2006 2CD set features Quiet Life (LP version) [4.48].

EMI – 82876705382

Fantastic 80s (CD box)

Fantastic 80s

Sony Music Rhino 2008. 88697425232.

Track: Quiet Life 3:53m version

Fantastic 80s: Go For It! (2 CD)

fantastic 80s

UK 2000

Sony TV92CD

Track: Ghosts (7” version)

Fantastic Hits of the 80s (CD)

Fantastic Hits

UK 3CD Set Label: Sony BMG Cat No: UTDX 005 Year: 2007

Contains I second That Emotion 3:49min

February 87 Mixes 2 (LP)

DMC 49

UK 1987, DMC49

Includes Quiet Life as part of a "Strip That Perfect Beat" megamix!Strip that perfect beat

February 89 Mixes 2 (LP)


UK 1989

DMC 073/2

Track: Life In Tokyo (Sanny X Mix) 6.00

Fingers Off! (Levi’s compilation LP)

UK 1982

Pushbike Records PBR 0020

Track: Visions of China

FM Rock - The Rock Collection

FM The Rock Collection

UK 1992

Time Life TL 527/18 

Featuring "I Second That Emotion" 

Full Throttle (3 CD)

Full Throttle

EU 2003

Disky CB 901451  

Track: "Life In Tokyo" 

Get Closer (CD)

Get closer

Free with Wilkinson Sword Kompact Razor. 1991. ENT 1010.

Track: I Second That Emotion 3:52m

Giorgio Moroder - Electronic Dancefloor Classics 2 (2 LP)

Giorgio Moroder Dancefloor Classics 2

Germany 2006

GMR Entertainment GMR002

Track: Life In Tokyo (Extended Disco Mix) (7.01)

GOTH: 18 Classics From The Dark Side (CD)


UK 2005

Crimson CRIMCD426

Track: Quiet Life edit 4.26 - this is the same as the edit that appears on the other Crimson CD release "Electric - High Voltage Hits.."

The Greatest Eighties Collection (4 CD box set)

Greatest 80s

UK 2001

HMV/EMI 7243 5 33863 2 0  

Track: "I Second That Emotion"

The Greatest Eighties Collection 2 (4 CD box set)

Greatest 80s Collection 2

UK 2001

HMV/EMI 7243 5 43200 2 6 

Track: "Quiet Life"

Greatest Ever! New Wave Hits (3 CD)

new wave

UK 2007

Union Square (catalogue number needed)

Track: Quiet Life

Greatest Hits New Romantic (3 CD)

New Romantic

UK 2005

EMI Gold 094634472623

Track: Visions of China, Cantonese Boy, Ghosts (LP versions) and After A Fashion by Mick Karn and Midge Ure.

The Greatest New Romantic Collection (3 CD)


UK 2001

EMI 724353538323
Tracks: I Second That Emotion, Quiet Life (LP version), European Son (original version), Ghosts (LP version)  - also available in a boxed version.

Hardest Hits Vol 4

Hardest Hits 4

Canada 1993

SPG Music Ltd. SPG 004  

Features "Life In Tokyo" Disco Mix

Het Beste Uit De Arbeidsvitaminen Top 100 (2 CD)

Het Best

Netherlands 1998

PolygramTV 565 777-2

Track: Adolescent Sex (4.14)

The History Of Rock (Volume 38) (LP)

History of Rock

Includes a photo and biography of Japan inside the gatefold sleeve. "The History Of Rock" was a companion to the magazine of the same name that was available on subsciption for a very limited time in the 1980s. All of the tracks here are the same versions that appear on "Assemblage".

1. Quiet Life
2. European Son
3. I Second That Emotion
4. Life In Tokyo
5. All Tomorrow's Parties

Hits Hits Hits (LP)


UK 1981

Ronco RTL 2063

Track: Visions of China (printed as Vision of China) - unique version missing Mick's dida solo and the second verse.

The Hits Box (3 LP set)

hits box

Telstar Star 2052. Consists of the Direct Hits Compilation LP which includes unique edited Nightporter.

Hits in The First Degree (CD)

Hits In The First Degree

UK 1994

Newsound Records NSCD 013 (A)  

Features "I Second That Emotion"

Hits In The 1st Degree (CD)

Japan 1994


Track: I Second That Emotion. Seems to have the same songs as the UK compilation above, and the German one below, but is part of a series called "Rock Hits".

Hits In The 1st Degree (CD)


Germany 1994

Catalogue number needed. Track listing the same as the UK and Japanese CD's above but with a different cover.

Track: I Second That Emotion

Hooked on Dance Music (LP)

Hooked on dance music

Ariola  6.11066 - country of manufacture probably Spain as the catalogue number and label type is similar to other releases. Looking at the songs included the release must date from 1980 or 1981.

Track: Life In Tokyo 3.30

Hunting Venus - A soundtrack to the 80s (CD)

Hunting Venus

UK 1999

Columbia/Sony 494300-2
Track: Ghosts (7 inch version)

This CD was a tie-in with a UK ITV drama that showed members of a fictional 80s band reforming. The intro to "Ghosts" was one character's door bell chime.

I Bliğu Og Striğu (LP)

(Artwork needed)
Iceland 1982, Steinar SAFN 512

Tracks: Ghosts and Bamboo Houses (Sylvian/Sakamoto)

Ikon Classics (cassette) 



BMG Records IKON1

Cassette features "Quiet Life" (4.52)

I  Love Music 1980-1984: It's Electric (3 CD)

I Love Music

Holland 2004

DISKY CB901791

Track: Visions Of China 

Indoor Cycling 15

Indoor Cycling

This is a compilation of tracks designed to be used in spin (indoor cycling) workout classes. 

UK 2009 Multitrax Pro MIND 2704

Includes Visions of China

Into The Blue (CD)

Into The Blue

UK 1998

Polygram 555 665-2 

Track: Nightporter (DJ 7"/video soundtrack version)

It's Electric (CD or cassette)

Its Electric

UK 1994

Dino Entertainment DINCD 73/DINMC 73  

Features "Quiet Life"

It's Kosmik! (Promotional CD)

(cover image needed)

Country not known (Eastern Europe?)

Virgin PRCD 3350

Includes "Blackwater"

A copy of this has been seen on eBay but without any front cover - if you have one please email in an image.

It's My Discothek (LP)

Its my discothek

Bulgarian LP - release date not known, probably 1979 or 1980.

Hansa BTA 1833

Track: Life In Tokyo (3.22 edit)

This record has no visible track markers.

Its My Discothek (LP)


Bulgarian LP - release date not known but likely to be 1980 or 1981

Hansa BTA 2007

Track: Quiet Life - called "Calm Life" in Bulgarian on the sleeve. Track length unconfirmed.

January 88 Mixes 2 (LP)


UK 1988

DMC 060/2

Track: Fade to "Gray" megamix - includes "Life In Tokyo" mixed with other electronic tracks.

Fade to Gray

Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80's Vol. 5 (Rhino) (CD)

Just Can't Get Enough

USA 1994

Rhino R2 71698

contains "The Art of Parties" (4.12). (many thanks to R. Jackson and ozboyz)

R Jackson: "Oh, yeah, here's what the liner notes say about the group. ... "(segueing from Haircut One Hundred)...Nick Heyward may have been the scream dream of a certain strain of British teenybopper, but David Sylvian, of the group Japan, was 1982's pinup of choice among the art-school set. Rising to prominence at the same time as a number of other U.K. smart-pop bands (ABC, The Associates, early Simple Minds) who shared a flair for the dramatic and a huge stylistic debt to Roxy Music and David Bowie. Japan hit a critical and commerical peak with Tin Drum, their studio swan song. 'The Art of Parties'--which sets Sylvian's crooning vocal against the free-range rumble of Mick Karn's fretless bass and a chugging pseudofunk rhythm--was a U.S. club staple for months as an import, but the band's inability to secure an American record deal until just before they split up prevented them from reaching a broader audience in the U.S."

Just Can't Get Enough - Originalhits Fra 80'erne ( 2 CD)

Danih CD

Denmark 1994

EMI-Medley EMI 8316692

Track: Visions Of China (5.51) - we need confirmation on this one - I bet it will be the live version from "Oil On Canvas" plus the intro to "Ghosts", but it would be nice if I was wrong at it turned out to be another extended version!

King & Hound - Life In Tokyo/Twice As Nice (re-edits) (12" single)


USA 2008

Golden Goose Records GG4

This is an extended re-edit version by King & Hound. Can be heard on this myspace page

Kult Klassix Volume 3 (2 CD)


Germany 1994

Total Recall SPV 087-59342/TR 1027

Track: Visions Of China (unreleased 12 inch version - 4min 41 secs)

Robin writes: Sadly, this isn't some previously unheard Steve Nye remix classic, but more of a promotional extended version. The track begins with the drum break taken from the middle eight of the song (so to speak) before going straight into the start of the song. Visions of China then plays right through to the end, but just as the fade out hum starts, the original instrumental melody comes back in slightly messily for a few bars before ending on the familiar fade-out hum again. This is a curio that I don't expect to see on any official Japan CD any time soon :)


Late Night Tales

UK 2006

Azuli ALNCD15

Track: Ghosts 4min 9secs edit

Left Of The Dial - Dispatches from the 80s Underground ( 4 CD + book set)

Left of the Dial

USA 2004

Rhino  R2 76490

Track: Ghosts (4.32)

Life In Tokyo/Show Time/I Don't Know What It Is (12" EP)


Country unknown, limited release for clubs (possibly not licenced)

DGD Records DGD 005

Includes Life In Tokyo plus tracks by Gary's Gang and Pete Shelley.

The Long Versions Pop & Wave (CD)

Long versions

Belgium 2 CD Label: Sony Music Media Cat No: SMM-4979252 Year: 2000

Contains Life In Tokyo (Remix) 6:18mins

The Long Versions - New Wave 

Long Versions

Includes "Blackwater" by Rain Tree Crow

DISKY CB 902713

Love Bites & School Nites (CD)

Love Bites

EU 2004

Telstar TTVCD3385  

Track: "I Second That Emotion"

Major UK Hits from the Jobete Catalogue (Promotional CD)

Major Hits CD

USA EMI MP-AW6/03 Year: 2003 Contains I Second That Emotion 3:38min

Mama We're All Crazy Now! The Best of Glam Rock (2 CD)

Mama We're All Crazy Now!

Netherlands 2006

Hunter 7715582

Track: Adolescent Sex (album version 3.43)

Matsu & Take's DJ Edit Tape "1985-1984" (cassette)


Japan 2000

Spotlight Mixtape Vol.3

Track: European Son

Mega Hits 70's (CD)

Mega Hits

Japan 1997

BMG Japan BVCM-2661

Track: Adolescent Sex (3.44)

Mega Hits 70's The Best Hits Collection (CD)

Mega Hits 70's

Japan 2004

BMG Funhouse BVC2-31039

Track: Life In Tokyo

Methods of Dance (LP & CD)

Methods Of Dancemethods of dance

UK & Germany 1981 (left), CD remaster 2008 (right)

UK - Virgin OVED 5, Germany - Virgin 204 327

Track: The Art of Parties (12” version). 

The 2008 CD version (due out 21st July) includes the original vinyl LP contents plus "Methods of Dance Volume 2" which did not feature Japan. 

The Mix Tapes (CD)

The Mix Tapes

EMI 2008 VTDCD 923.

Tracks: Nightporter LP version and Forbidden Colours-original version

The Model (CD)

The Model

UK 1997


Track: Ghosts (LP version)

Modern Dance (LP)

Modern Dance

UK 1981   
K-Tel NE1156
Includes "Quiet Life" and "Visions Of China"

Modern Dance (LP and cassette)

Modren Dance

Finland 1981

K-Tel MD-7-18 (LP), MD-9018 (cassette)

Track: Visions Of China (3.37).

Modern Dance - My Affair With Fred Astaire

Released by Virgin/ Polygram in Greece, 1982. It includes 'Visions Of China' whereby they have credited Sylvian & Jansen as 'D. Sulvian' & 'S. Hansen'. Catalogue # is 2473836.

Modern Heroes (LP)

Modern Heroes

UK 1982

TV Records TVA1

Tracks: Cantonese Boy, a unique edited version, plus early fade versions of Sensitive and Bamboo Houses.

Music For Heroes (CD)

Music For Heroes

UK 1998

Debutante 555959-2
Track: Ghosts (single version)

Music Life 40 Anniversary Virgin Version

Music Life

Japan 1990

Virgin VJCP-2802

Tracks: Gentlemen Take Polaroids (LP version). Also includes Forbidden Colours (re-recorded version) and Red Guitar (LP version)

New Romantic 15 Classic Club Cuts

New Romantic

Australia 1996

BMG 7243 8 52959 2 8  

Features "Quiet Life" and also "After A Fashion" by Mick Karn and Midge Ure. 

New Romantic Classics (1992) (CD)

new romatic

Various artists compilation CD, including "Ghosts".

  • VTCD15

New Romantic Classic Tracks (1994) (CD)

New Romantic

Various artists compilation CD including "Quiet Life" (live) and "After A Fashion" by Mick Karn and Midge Ure.

Music For Pleasure CDPR-128/7243 8 31341 2 0 

The New Romantic Era (Promotional CD)

The New Romantic Era

Music Factory Cat No: NROM1

Contains Quiet Life 4:40min

New Romantics - 15 Classic Club Cuts (CD)

new romantics

UK 1996 EMI Gold 724385395928   Track: Quiet Life (Oil on Canvas Version)

The New Romantics (Australian CD)

The New Romantics

Includes an edited live version of Ghosts from Oil On Canvas. 

Dinno Music DIN231D

The New Romantics Are Back!


Thailand/South East Asia 2003

EMI 724359283821
Track: Cantonese Boy

New Wave Diary (CD)

New Wave Diary

Phillipines 2002

EMI  07243 580069 26

Track: Gentlemen Take Polaroids (6.54)

New Wave Heroes

new wave heroes

UK 2006

Sony/BMG 82876851032

Track: Quiet Life 3min 55sec (The version with the long intro as per LP version but fades out during the second guitar solo)

New Wave Hits (2 CD)

New Wave Hits

Netherlands 1994

EVA 7243 831685-2

Track: Life In Tokyo (3.30)

New Wave Nostalgia Tane O Uetsuketa Shijintaichi - selected by Kyo (CD)

New Wave Nostalgia

Japan 1994

BMG Japan (catalogue number needed)

Track: Communist China

Note: Kyo went on to appear on the Japan tribute album

New Wave Sound (CD)

New Wave Sound

France 1992

Virgin 30975

Track: Visions Of China (3.37)

1981 - Süddeutsche Zeitung Diskothek (Book with CD)

1981 book and CD

Germany 2006

ISBN 3-86615-081-4

This book and CD was produced by the newspaper company Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Track: Ghosts (4.33)

1981 - 20 Original Hit Songs (CD + greetings card)


UK Label: CD Card Company/Tabak Marketing Ltd CDC 1627527 CD527S - all tracks licenced from Sony BMG Year 2006

Contains Quiet Life 4:53mins

1982 - 20 Original Hit Songs (CD + greetings card)

1982 CD Card

UK 2006

CD Card Company/Tabak Marketing Ltd CDC 1627528, CD5285 - all tracks licenced from Sony BMG.

Track: I Second That Emotion

This was one of a series of greetings cards with CD's included.

1983 - 20 Original Hit Songs (CD + greetings card)


UK Label: CD Card Company/Tabak Marketing Ltd CDC 1627529 CD529S - all tracks licenced from Sony BMG Year 2006

Contains All Tomorrow's Parties 4:15min

Nocturnal (2 CD)


UK 1998

Procreate Records 5559082 

Track: Ghosts (3.51)

123 Original Hits 80s (6CD set)


EMI 2009 5099969468223. 

Track: Ghosts 4:31m

Only The Best (LP)

Only The Best

Italy - year of release not known

Cosmic Communications CYB 1003

Track: Life In Tokyo (7.50) - this needs to be verified. Likely to be a DJ mix as this label specialises in releases for club play. Listed at discogs.com in the unofficial releases section.

100 Hits New Wave (5 CD set)

100 hits new wave

France EMI 5099921508820.

Tracks: Visions of China LP Version, Cantonese Boy LP version, The Art Of Parties 12" Single version

100 Hits 80s (5 CD set)

100 hits

UK 2001

EMI Gold 724353119324

Track: Ghosts (LP Version)

The Original Chill Out Box Set

Original Chillout Box

UK 2007

EMI Gold 094638225027

Tracks: Ghosts (LP version), Nightporter (Oil on Canvas version), Voices Raised in Welcome, Hands Held in Prayer.  Also features The Healing Place and Silver Moon plus The Last Emperor by Sakamoto.

The Original 80s Album (CD)

Original 80s

UK 2004

EMI Gold 724347396120

Track: Ghosts (LP version)

The Original Electro Album (CD)


UK 2002

EMI Gold 724354090622

Track: Cantonese Boy

The Original Electro Album Vol.2 (CD)

original electro

UK 2004

EMI Gold 724359520124

Track: Visions of China

Original Hits 80s (6 CD box)

Original Hits 80s

UK 2009 EMI Gold

Includes "Ghosts"

Our Friends Electric (1996) (CD)


Track: "Quiet Life" (4.24 edit)

Telstar TCD2814  

Overload (LP)


UK 1982

Ronco RTL 2079

Track: Cantonese Boy

Poison Arrow - 18 New Romantic Hits

Poison Arrow

UK 1999

EMI 274349979024
Track: Ghosts (LP version)

Pop & Wave Vol. 4: The Ballads Of The 80s (2 CD)

Pop & Wave Vol 4

Germany 1993

Columbia COL 475541 2

Track: I Second That Emotion (3.44)

Pop & Wave The 12 Inch Mixes (5 CD set)

Pop & Wave

Germany 2008

Sony BMG 886973183120

Track: All Tomorrow's Parties (12" version)(5.16)

The Pop Years 1980 - 1981 (CD)

The Pop Years 1980 - 1981

UK 2009, Crimson Productions CRIMPOP801

Includes "Quiet Life"

The Pop Years 1982 - 1983 (CD)

The Pop Years 1982 - 1983

UK 2009, Crimson Productions. CRIMPOP802.

Includes "I Second That Emotion"

Poplife Presents Poplife Sucks (CD)


Belgium 2008

News 541 416502368

Track: Adolescent Sex (3.51)



Includes Gentlemen take Polaroids (7” version) [3.28].

BUDDHA RECORDS/BMG (USA) – 7446599613 2

Postpunk Chronicles: Scared To Dance (CD)

Postpunk Chronicles

USA 1999

Rhino R2 75332

Track: Visions Of China

A Post Punk Primer (CD)

Post Punk CD

Virgin Cat No: CD0VD498 Year: 1997

Contains Gentlemen take Polaroids 7:07min

Raiders Of The Pop Charts Part 1 (UK 1982) (LP)


"Nightporter" single version. There is a colour photo of Japan on the sleeve.

  • LP: Ronco RTL-2088


Real 80s

This 2005 3CD set includes Ghosts (LP version) [4.30].


The Real 80s Box

80s box

Greek 4 CD Set Label: EMI Cat No: 509995148682 Year: 2007

Contains The Art Of Parties 7" Single Mix 3:55mins

Reflections CD Collection volume 3 & 4 (CD)


Telstar SAN 275. 

Track: I second That Emotion 3:41m

Relax! The Ultimate 80s Mix


UK 1998

PolygramTV 565285-2

Track: "Quiet Life" (4.10 edit) mixed between King "Love and Pride" and Icehouse "Hey Little Girl"

Replay Vol 1 - Issued free with Replay Magazine




Track: I Second That Emotion

The Rest of The 80s (CD)

Rest of the 80s

UK & Australia 2005

EMI Gold 724347733024 - same catalogue number for both editions.

Track: Nightporter (original LP version)

Rock & Pop Diamonds 1970 - 1990 (22 CD box set)

Rick & Pop Diamonds box

Germany 1991

Sonocord 46042


Each year's disc was available separately, except the bonus disc which was only available on the box. Of course, a Japan track that is not on any other compilation is on that bonus disc... how fiendish!

Tracks: Ghosts (4.31) (on the 1981 disc), The Other Side Of Life (7.28) (on the bonus disc), Orpheus (4.47) (on the 1987 disc).

Rock & Wave Volume 1 (2 CD)


Germany 1992

Columbia COL 472733 2

Various artists compilation. Includes an edit of "Gentlemen Take Polaroids" timed at 5.14.

Rock & Wave Hits From Underground (CD)

Rock & Wave

German 2CD Label: Sony Music Cat No: 88697521752 Year: 2009

Contains All Tomorrows Parties 5:16mins

Rock 80s Vol 3

Rock 80s Vol 3

Greece 1981

Virgin 2473 822

Track: The Art Of Parties

Rock Legends Benson & Hedges

Rock Legends

UK 1990

Telstar  BH279   

Features "Quiet Life" (3.15 edit)

RTL New Romantic (2 CD)


Germany EMI Electrola Cat No: 724385226021 Year: 1996

Contains Ghosts 4:32min

Sensation (12" EP)


1979 German 12" single with "LIfe In Tokyo" segued out of "Switch" by Benelux.

Hansa International 600 072

Sense Of Beauty (LP)

Sense of Beauty

Norway 1985, Uniton U-028

Track: The Experience Of Swimming (4.02)

Single High Light (LP)

Victor LP

Japan 1980

Victor (catalogue number needed)

Promotional only LP including the 7" version of "Gentlemen Take Polaroids"

Single Minded IV (Promotional CD)

Single Minded IV

UK 1991, Virgin JULZ 3

Track: Blackwater (7" version)

Singled Out (CD)

Singled out

Disky 2003 Holland. CB 901054.

Track: I Second That Emotion 3:42m

Sound of New Wave (CD)

Sound Of New Wave

Australia 1999

BMG 74321618982   

Track:  "Life In Tokyo" (3.30) 


Sound of the crowd

UK 2002


Includes the 6.15 remix of "Life In Tokyo".

Street Scene (UK 1982) (LP)

Street Scene

"Life In Tokyo" 2.58 edit - this is a mix similar to the one that appears on "A Souvenir from Japan" and the Japanese "Assemblage"/UK double play cassette. The sleeve says it is remixed from the album "Assemblage" and the label states that it is a 1979 recording. 
  • LP: K-Tel NE1183 

Take Off Into The 80s (CD)

Take off

RadioFFN. 1993. Polystar CD 516232-2. Germany

Track: I Second That Emotion 3:46m

Tambien Tenemos - La Mejor Musica TECNO-POP (LP)

Tecno Pop

Spain 1982, Ariola/Virgin E 204 464

Includes The Art of Parties (LP version)



Japan 2004

BMG BVC2-31038

Tracks: Quiet Life (LP Version) . CD also contains tracks from YMO, Hosono, Sakamoto, Takahashi and Sandii.

Tempted: A collection of mellow 80s classics


UK 2000

Crimson CRIMCD273
Track: I Second That Emotion (7” version)

Theater Van Het Sentiment (CD)


Dutch 4CD Set Label: Sony BMG Cat No: 88697279232

Contains Nightporter 6:48min

30th Anniversary Virgin Compilation

Virgin 30th

Japan 2003

Virgin VJCP-68509
Tracks: Bamboo Houses, Still Life in Mobile Homes, Blackwater

This Is...Electric

This Is Electric

Netherlands 2005

Disky DC903289

Track: Ghosts (7 inch version)

This Is 1981 (CD)

This is 1981

EMI 2008. CD 5099922789921.

Track: Visions of China 3:39m

This is 1982 (CD)

This is 1982

EMI 2008. CD 5099922790020.

Track: Ghosts 4:29m

To Be Someone (CD)

To Be Someone

UK 2002

Virgin CDV2933

Track: Ghosts

To Cut A Long Story Short - The New Romantics (CD)

To Cut A Long Story Short

UK 2000


Track: "Ghosts" 

Todo Techno 2


Spain 1993

CBS/Sony 4755332

Track: Visions of China (Live Oil on Canvas version)

Top Of The Pops - Eighties (3CD)

Top of The Pops

UK 2009 EMI 50999 2 68740 2 9

Includes Ghosts

12" Singles Promotional Album (LP)

sam 1

Australia 1981

Virgin SAM 1

Includes "Gentlemen Take Polaroids".

2 many dj's as heard on radio soul wax pt 7

2 many djs

Country ?, 2004

Catalogue number: Whcd07   

Features sample from "Adolescent Sex"

The Triptych (CD)


UK 2007

Family 9843126

Track: Adolescent Sex (LP version, Mixed between Dave Angel and Nick Straker. Bizarre, but it works!!)

12” 80s (3 CD)

12 inch 80s

UK 2004


Track: Quiet Life (LP version) [4.48].

Ultimate Chill Out (8CD box set)

Chill Out

UK 2004

EMI Gold 724357722520

Track: Ghosts (LP version), Nightporter (Oil on Canvas version), Voices Raised in Welcome, Hands Held in Prayer.  Also features The Healing Place, Where The Railroad Meets The Sea, Red Earth As Summertime Ends and Silver Moon.

Ultimate Eighties (3 CD box set)

Ultimate Eighties

UK 2002

Crimson CRIMBX38

Track: Ghosts (LP version)

Ultimate Eighties (CD)

Ultimate eighties

UK 1998

Crimson CRIMIDCD61

Track: Ghosts (7 inch version)

Also available as part of the 3 CD set above

The Ultimate 80's Ballads (CD and cassette)


UK 1994 

Polygram  525 113-2 (CD) and 525 113-4 (cassette)   

Features "I Second That Emotion" 

Ultimate 80's - 60 Classic Tracks of the Decade

Ultimate 80s

UK 2009, Demon MCCDULT003

Track: I Second That Emotion

Ultimate New Wave

Ultimate New Wave

France 2003

EMI 0724359327228

Tracks: Visions Of China, Ghosts (LP versions)

The Ultimate Special Price Collection Sampler compilation CD


Germany - date not given but likely to be around 1993

BMG 74321 239622   

Track: "Adolescent Sex" 

Uncut The Playlist May 2006 (CD)


UK 2006

Given away with "Uncut" magazine, which includes a review of the Virgin remastered albums. A small picture of David is in the collage on the front of the CD booklet. 

Track: Nightporter (album version) (6.58)



UK 2001

Universal 585361-2
Track: Ghosts (7 inch version)

VH1: Electric Heroes


UK 1998

VH1CD 005

Track: Quiet Life (LP version)

Virgin Collections 1973~1987 (4 CD set)

Virgin Collectionsobi

Virgin Japan VJD-25001~4

Released February 3rd, 1988

Kevin: "A limited-edition (I have copy no. #1058) 4-disc compilation marking both the 15th Anniversary of Virgin Records and the then-new Virgin Japan."

Tracks: Disc 3, covering the years 1980 to 1984, contains the album version of "Gentlemen Take Polaroids" (7.06). It also includes the album/12" mix of Mick Karn's "Sensitive" (4.37), plus Sylvian/Sakamoto's "Forbidden Colours"(4.45)  and David Sylvian's "Red Guitar" (5.08).

Virgin 21, Loves Music, Wants To Party

Virgin 21 Australian

Australia 1993

Virgin Records Australia 8391772

Tracks: Ghosts (3.46) and Forbidden Colours (4.41)

Virgin's 21st Anniversary Sampler

Virgin 21

UK 1993

Virgin VVSAM 21

Track: Ghosts (LP version)

Virgin 21: In The Air Tonight (2-CD)

In The Air Tonight

UK & Japan 1994

Virgin VJCP-36054.55 (Japan), Virgin/EMI  724383960729 (UK)

Track: "Ghosts" (3.48) 

Visual Rock Collage

Visual Rock Collage

Japan 1998

Toshiba-EMI TOCP-50590 

Features "Visions Of China" and "Gentlemen Take Polaroids"

Was Het Nu 70, 80 Of 90? File 3 (2 CD)

Was Het Nu

Belgium 2001

Virgin 7243 8 10479 2 7

Track: Ghosts (4.31)

Was Het Nu 70 Of 80? Vol 6 (2 CD)

Was Het

Belgium 1998

Virgin 7243 845676 2

Track: Adolescent Sex

Wave Romantics: Dark Ballads and Underground Rock Classics (2 CD)

Wave Romantics

Germany 1996

Facedown Edel 0086512FAC

Track: Nightporter (album version 6.56)

You Can't Hurry Love The Motown Covers Album

you can't hurry love

Holland 1994

EMI 7243 8 31625 2 9  

Features "I Second That Emotion" 

Young at Heart (2 CD)

Young At Heart

Germany/UK 1993

Germany: Time-Life Books SDC697/03 

UK: Sounds Direct SDC697/03

Track: I Second That Emotion (3.42)

Young at Heart: Classic Hits of the Early 80s

Young At Heart

UK 1997

Readers Digest RDCD1881-5

Track: I Second That Emotion

Young Guns Go For It - Heroes of the 80s

Young Guns

UK 2000

Virgin EMI VTDCD346

Tracks: The Art of Parties (Tin Drum version) and Forbidden Colours (original version)

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