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Japan 07-04-1979 Paradiso Amsterdam (OOR)

First this reviewer was sceptical of the live experience with Japan but after seeing them live he was convinced about their qualities.

The Dutch concerts made clear the growing popularity of the band and that Japan is much more than a well considered publicity campaign.

David Sylvian received a rose during the opening song “Don’t Rain On My Parade”. The band was surrounded by mist and had to work hard during “Obscure Alternatives”.  Keyboard player Richard Barbieri looked as if he had broken his grandmother’s tea-set and Mick Karn appeared to be the most musically important man with his fretless bass. There was enough music to dance to. A good chosen setlist and well dressed performance. Three encores were played. Japan had the guts to play “Heartbreaker”. Japan did good with their own version of the Rolling Stones song. It is clear that this band will become very popular.

Contributed by Henk L. Kamps

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