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Live In Japan - July 1980

4 tracks recorded live in Tokyo in March 1980. Excellent performances and all four numbers are significantly different to the usual versions. Some copies of this EP have the legend "Super Sound Single" emblazoned across the sleeve, but the disc inside is the same as the usual version.

The back sleeve has been made out of the Japanese Quiet Life LP obi front and back. The boxed advert in the middle "The Heros" refers to a calendar/magazine that was available in late 1979/early 1980.

  1. Deviation
  2. Obscure Alternatives
  3. In Vogue
  4. Sometimes I Feel So Low
  • Issued in Germany, Belgium and Holland:
  •  600 242-213.   
  • Note that the Dutch release was manufactured in Germany and Belgium; hence some copies have red and some the grey labels.

Dutch/Belgian sleeve

German sleeve - this has the "Super Sound Single" and Hansa logos on it.


Dutch back sleeve - this replicates a Japanese advertisement for the Japan albums on the back, including the Japanese catalogue numbers.

German back sleeve

German back sleeve - this includes the German catalogue numbers for the Japan albums.

Belgian label

German label

Dutch label

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