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This section includes magazine covers featuring Japan. Any additions would be very welcome.

UK Fan Club magazines - 1978

fanclub1.jpg (20591 bytes)fanclub2.jpg (16882 bytes)

Published just before Japan became really successful in the Far East, these magazines have a "fanzine" or punk quality about them which is quite endearing. Packed with unique photos, both editions also include lengthy interviews with Chris Carr.

Record Mirror 25 November 1978

Includes the "Samurai Of 42nd Street" article about their US tour.

Thanks Charles!

Ongaku Senka Japan, November 1978

Ongaku Senka - Japan 1978

ongaku78.jpg (20911 bytes)

108 pages. Monster tome full of Japan photos taken in London and at a Radio Luxembourg session in 1978. Includes a few short articles in English but the text is mostly Japanese. Appears to have been put together with the co-operation of the group as there are several features written by them. Some stunning photography. The magazine was re-printed in 1982, the later edition including an updated discography but is otherwise identical.

Music Life Japan February 1979

musiclifefeb79.gif (49889 bytes)

Includes a report on Japan's USA tour (Autumn 1978) and a feature on their reactions to news about their success in Japan.

Music Life Japan March 1979

musiclifemar79.gif (42437 bytes)

Japan are shown on the front cover receiving the Music Life Award for "Brightest Hope" for 1979. They came second to Queen in the Best Group category and were near the top in all other polls. The magazine includes two Japan features and a fold-out poster/flyer promoting the Music Life Japan Specials.

Ongaku Senka Japan, March 1979

Rock Show - Japan April 1979

Rockin On - Japan May 1979

rockinonmay79.jpg (20767 bytes)

Music Life specials - Japan March + May 1979

mlife1.jpg (24889 bytes)mlife2.jpg (27022 bytes)

Both of these magazines were published after the first Japanese tour and feature many pictures of the group in Japan, in London, in the studio, backstage, onstage, out and about meeting people, posed shots etc. The second magazine includes a fold-out poster of the group at a Japanese temple. 

Hitkrant - April 1979

Adolescent Club Magazine June 1979

adolescent club

Rockin On December 1979

Thanks Ozboys!

Hitkrant - 1979

hitkrant.jpg (30631 bytes)

Music Life Japan January 81

Sounds - UK April 1980

soundscov.jpg (15585 bytes)

Includes a lengthy feature about the group's 1980 Japanese tour. Very interesting to compare this with the Japanese magazine above, as some of the events covered in the Sounds article are photographed in the other.

Rock Show - Japan 1980

rockshow1.jpg (25265 bytes)rockshow2.jpg (24950 bytes)

Rock Show was a general rock/pop magazine published in Japan. Most issues published between 1980 and 1982 feature Japan in some way or other.

Oor - Holland 1980

oor3.jpg (20109 bytes)

Ongaku Senka - February 1981

ongaku81.jpg (27768 bytes)

Includes features on the Polaroids tour, Mick's first exhibition of sculptures plus an interview with the group.

Smash Hits - UK October 1980

shits80.jpg (26427 bytes)

Japan's first Smash Hits cover feature (there were three in total). Includes an interview conducted during the recording of the Gentlemen Take Polaroids album. Smash Hits, Record Mirror and Sounds were the UK magazines that supported Japan before they became successful in chart terms.

Sounds - June 1981

Oor - June 1981

Fan Club magazine No1 - UK Summer 1981

Includes the Rock Show chat between Sylvian and Sakamoto in English. The Official UK Japan Fan Club had two incarnations, one existed in 1978-79 and was run from Hansa, but that closed down and the second FC was started with the involvement of Connie from the group's office. The magazines are pretty thin and not of the best quality. The final issue (see below) was not printed on glossy paper and seems more like a fanzine than a professional publication.  You can read the Sylvian & Sakamoto interview here.

Fan Club magazine No2 - UK Winter 1981

Zig Zag December 1981

zig zag dec 81

Rockin On - Japan January 1982

rockinonjan82.jpg (20697 bytes)

Record Mirror April 1982

Thanks Charles!

Oh Boy! June 1982

Oh Boy

Thankyou to Jean for the image and the following review: "Unfortunately there is no Japan/ Sylvian content in the magazine. The inside cover states "This week's gorgeous cover guy needs no introduction, but in case you are still in the dark, it's David Sylvian of Japan".

NME UK February 1982

Sounds April 1982


Zig Zag - Mick Karn Reveals All - UK Spring 1982

mickzig.jpg (20021 bytes)

Legendary magazine with provocative content. Steve took the hot photos of Mick which were allegedly taken just to annoy David Sylvian.

International Musician - May 1982


Noise - UK 1982

noise82.jpg (25673 bytes)

Rockin On - Japan July 1982

rockinonjuly82.jpg (21148 bytes)

Japan Fan Library - UK Summer 1982.

A great buy if you can find it, this magazine, written by Betty Page with photography by Fin Costello, includes interviews, many rare pictures, a discography and lots more. 

Ongaku Senka - Japan June 1982

senka.jpg (21371 bytes)

Record Mirror July 1982

Inrock - Japan September 1982

Viva Rock - Japan October 1982

vivarock4.jpg (21709 bytes)

Features photos taken when Steve and David were in Japan working with members of Y.M.O. on various solo projects.

Hit Machine Poster magazine - UK Autumn 1982

And this is the poster:

Noise Tour Special - UK December 1982

noise.jpg (19771 bytes)

Noise December 1982 

This doesn't feature Japan on the cover but it is worth getting as it includes the second part of Betty Page's lengthy feature on the final Japan tour.

Soundmaker - UK October 1982

soundmaker.jpg (23530 bytes)

Includes a feature about the early part of Japan's final tour. This magazine was only available in Northern England and Scotland. All the photos are by Fin Costello and later appeared in the Sons Of Pioneers book.

Smash Hits - UK November 1982

shits82.jpg (21430 bytes)  

David talks about the split.

Japan Fan Club magazine No3 (last issue) - UK late 1982

NME 6 November 1982

Thanks Ozboyz!

Ongaku Senka - December 1982

Includes a feature on Japan's Whistle Test performance and an interview with Masami.

Music Life - January 1983

Includes a feature on the group's final UK and European live dates, plus an interview with David. 

Ongaku Senka - February 1983

Includes photos from the Budokan concert with YMO members and an interview with Steve and Rich.

Rock Show February 1983

Rock Show

Rock Show April 1983

Ongaku Senka July 1983

Includes an interview with David and pictures of Steve and Rich on tour with Ippu Do.

Music Life Japan - September 1983

musiclifesept83.jpg (24484 bytes)

Includes an interview with David.

The Beat - HMV magazine 1984

japbeatmag.jpg (23510 bytes)

Thanks to Ozboyz!   

Crown Vo, 5 - Japan 1988 (free with Viva Rock magazine)

crown5.jpg (18203 bytes)

Features a history of the group from 1978 to 1988, Japanese tour dates and a Japan and solo discography. Includes an article written by Sakamoto.

Music Life 40th Anniversary Special - Japan January 1990

musiclifejan90.gif (51127 bytes)

Music Technology - UK may 1991

Image provided by Lee Taylor

Cry For Dawn Winter 1991

- detail -

This is a horror comic. There is no Japan content, except the image of the Adolescent Sex poster in the background. Presumably the Dawn character was a fan? Many thanks to Joe for the images.

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