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Promo CD, Japan 1996

  • Catalogue number BMG PDTD-1152
This unique CD, housed in a slim jewel case, features Japan tracks and cover versions from the "Life In Tokyo - A Tribute To Japan" project. It is very hard to find indeed. The promo has a mostly black cover - you can see a flower if you look closely.

  1. Life In Tokyo 
  2. Life In Tokyo - Kyo & Aliens Stripper
  3. Communist China
  4. Communist China - Burning Fire featuring Shota
  5. Fall In Love With Me
  6. Fall In Love With Me - Suicide
  7. Ain't That Peculiar
  8. Ain't That Peculiar - Ryuichi
  9. Automatic Gun
  10. Automatic Gun - Scudelia Electro
  11. Quiet Life
  12. Quiet Life - Sugizo
  13. Visions of China
  14. Visions of China - Masami Tsuchiya

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