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Japan new fan's discography

What you need to own all the songs on CD. Most of these titles are also available for official download or streaming via iTunes/Apple Music/Amazon/Spotify etc 

Adolescent SexObscure AlternativesQuiet LifePolaroidsTin Drum

  • Adolescent Sex (BMG, remastered edition includes bonus videos)    
  • Obscure Alternatives (BMG, remastered edition includes "Live in Japan" EP and bonus video)
  • Quiet Life (BMG, remastered edition, includes b-sides and bonus video)    
  • Gentlemen Take Polaroids (Virgin, remastered edition with bonus tracks)
  • Tin Drum (Virgin) - if you find the boxed version with bonus CD single you do not need to get "Exorcising Ghosts" (see below)

  • Assemblage (BMG, remastered edition with bonus 12" mixes and videos) 
  • Exorcising Ghosts (Virgin) - but don't buy if you can get the boxed version of "Tin Drum"
Oil On Canvas     
Live album:
  • Oil On Canvas (Virgin) - make sure you get a CD from the 1990s or the remastered edition to get all the songs.
very best of Japan

DVD: The Very Best of Japan (Virgin) - includes several music videos and the "Oil On Canvas" concert film.

everythingdreamsdolphin brothersrain tree crow    
Essential solo albums/collaborations to begin your collection:
  • David Sylvian - Everything & Nothing (Virgin - includes the rare Japan track "Some Kind of Fool"). 
  • Mick Karn - Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters (Virgin) - includes guest appearances from David and Steve. 
  • The Dolphin Brothers - Catch The Fall (Virgin) - Steve and Rich's pop album, compliments Japan nicely. 
  • Rain Tree Crow (Virgin) - this is the only reunion to date of all the Japan members.

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