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The Other Side Of Japan (UK 1991)

  1. Wish You Were Black
  2. Television
  3. The Unconventional
  4. Transmission
  5. Automatic Gun
  6. Love Is Infectious
  7. Sometimes I Feel So Low
  8. The Tenant
  9. In Vogue
  10. Halloween
  11. A Foreign Place
  12. Don't Rain On My Parade

Another compilation of Hansa era tracks, with the earliest appearance on CD in the UK of "A Foreign Place". The vinyl LP pressing is very hard to find indeed. The sleeve is identical to the CD version except that the essay by John Tobler from the CD booklet is on the rear.


other side back

  • UK LP Receiver Records RRLP-150
  • UK CD Receiver Records RRCD-150.

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Promo CD

Promo CD


Regular CD

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