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The Art Of Parties/Life Without Buildings

UK, Italy and France April 1981

7" version:
A: The Art Of Parties 3.55
B: Life Without Buildings 6.34

12" version:
A: The Art Of Parties 6.41
B: Life Without Buildings

Collectors should look out for the 7" with the fold-out sleeve. The photographs are by Steve and I use some of them on the banner at the top of this site. Some copies of the 12" feature a black and white "12" for the price of a 7"" type sticker. Both the 7" and 12" versions here are different to the "Tin Drum" album version. The 12" version can also be found on "Exorcising Ghosts" and "The Very Best of Japan". 

UK chart position: 48.

  • UK 7" Virgin VS409 - with fold-out or standard picture sleeve
  • Italian 7" (click here to view a large scan courtesy of Roberto Spiga)
  • French 7" (with injection moulded labels, same picture sleeve as the UK version) 103285
  • UK 12" Virgin VS40912 - early copies have a sticker on the front saying you should not pay more than 1.15
  • UK promo cassette VS409, very few in quantity

UK 7" sleeve
12 inch single

UK 12" sleeve with price sticker
Mick David
Steve Rich
inside pic

Images from inside the fold-out 7" cover
Back sleeve

Back of the fold out sleeve
David Promo cassette
Very rare promo cassette, sold on eBay in January 2012 for 67UKP.
UK label

UK 7" label

French label
Italian single

Italian sleeve, back sleeve and record

The Art Of Parties/My New Career

Japan & Australia April 1981

7" version:
A: The Art Of Parties 3.55
B: My New Career 3.51
12" version:
A: The Art Of Parties 6.41
B: My New Career 3.51

It seems that these countries preferred to release a more commercial b-side than the UK! The Australian 12" is rare and can be distinguished by the bold rendering of "My New Career" at the bottom of the sleeve. The record label says that My New Career is timed 6.40 but the record plays the regular album version. 

  • Japanese 7" Victor VIPX1580
  • Australian 7" Virgin VS409
  • Australian 12" Virgin VS40912

Japanese picture insert

japanese back sleeve

Japanese promo label

Japanese 7"

Japanese stock label

Australian 12" promo label

My New Career

Detail of the My New Career label

12" Australian

Back of the Australian 12" promo sleeve. The regular edition is the same except it lacks the gold promo stamp shown to the left of Sylvian.

Back of the Australian 7" picture sleeve

The Art Of Parties Canadian EP

  • Virgin VEP-305 - two different label designs, see images below.
  1. The Art Of Parties (12" version)
  2. The Width Of A Room
  3. Life Without Buildings
  4. The Experience Of Swimming

First label design, manufactured by Polygram

Press release; right-click and save image to download a just about readable version.

Second label design

Second label design, manufactured by Virgin Records Canada

The Art Of Parties/Visions of China

Spanish promotional 7"

A: Art Of Parties (album version) 
B: Visions Of China

This was issued to promote Tin Drum and has a unique picture sleeve.

  • 7" V267
Spanish promo Spanish back sleeve
Promo label

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