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The DVD above includes footage of Yellow Magic Orchestra in the recording studio.

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As with any successful group of their era, there were a wide variety of posters made for Japan, most of which were not official merchandise.

asexposter.jpg (27661 bytes)

Adolescent Sex poster. This was re-printed in the mid 80's in the UK and was fairly widely available, although not usually on such glossy paper. I have a copy of the album that came with this poster, but I do not know if it was a "free gift" item. 

qlifepost.jpg (15021 bytes)

Quiet Life poster. Like the Adolescent Sex poster, this was re-printed in the mid 80's and was quite widely available.

vasago.jpg (16005 bytes)

Vasago Productions AA307

anabas.jpg (16193 bytes)

Anabas Poster AK741

Thanks Joe!

Posters from Hong Kong

In Hong Kong the concert promoter held a competition where fans designed posters to promote the group's two concerts on Dec 3rd and 4th 1982 at A C Halls. These are two of the winning designs, now on display behind the counter at Penguin Music, 2 McCaul St, Toronto, Canada. The store is run by a fellow Japan fan, Kim,  who always keeps the group's music in stock and is well worth a visit.

livehk1.jpg (40446 bytes)livehk2.jpg (24423 bytes)


Penguin Music

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