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Quiet Life (December 1979)
  1. Quiet Life
  2. Fall In Love With Me
  3. Despair
  4. In Vogue
  5. Halloween
  6. All Tomorrow's Parties
  7. Alien
  8. The Other Side Of Life

The breakthrough album as far as the UK audience was concerned; it charted briefly but the tracks here formed the basis for Hansa's 1981 - 1983 singles output, all of which were successful. A contender for the "best album" if there ever was one. Still available worldwide, though on a lot of different countries booklets the credits are wrong. The album was produced by John Punter, but some early sessions were completed with manager Simon Napier-Bell ("All Tomorrows Parties" and the single "European Son" - both remixed by Punter before release). "I Second That Emotion" also comes from this period. This album has a very European feel and is probably the one which sounds the freshest today. Rumoured tracks still in the vaults: the original versions of "All Tomorrows Parties" and "European Son", though the former MAY have been the mix that appears on "Assemblage".

The album release varied by country, for example in Canada and Japan the album was out at the end of 1979; and then it came out in the UK and European countries in January 1980.

  • Original UK LP (January 1980) (gatefold sleeve): Hansa AHAL8011
  • The Irish pressing has the same catalogue number, label and sleeve as the UK pressing but there is a spelling mistake "Sylavian" and "Made In Ireland" appears on the label.
  • First UK re-issue July 1981 (ordinary sleeve): Hansa AHAL8011
  • Second UK re-issue 1983 (darker/more colourful sleeve): Fame/EMI FA 3037
  • French LP (gatefold, laminated sleeve): Carerre 67.445
  • Italian LP with gatefold sleeve and tan coloured RCA label: RCA PL31512
  • Australian LP with gatefold sleeve RCA VPL1 4224
  • Canadian LP (gatefold sleeve) Hansa/Canada Quality AHAL8010
  • German LP (gatefold sleeve) 201.261
  • Ariola Benelux (Belgium/Netherlands) 301.304 on sleeve but the record inside is German, with the German catalogue number. 
  • Greek LP Polydor 201 261
  • Israel LP Polydor 201 261 - different back sleeve
  • Spanish LP Ariola I-201.261
  • Japanese LP (gatefold sleeve, insert, some with poster): Victor VIP6700
  • Japanese cassette VCW-1684
  • UK/European CD (German manufactured): BMG 251261217
  • Russian CD Release Records RR-97-111-2
  • First Japanese CD: Victor VDP1155 - there are 2 versions, the 1st being priced at 3,200 Yen, with a later pressing at 3,008 Yen. Both are identical except for the price shown on the obi strip and on the back cover. 
  • Remastered Japanese CD: BMG BVCP-7374
  • USA CD (remastered, red border booklet/lyrics): Caroline CAROL1203-2
  • Japanese CD with card sleeve BVCM-37220.

UK chart position: 53.
UK "Our Price" chart position: 20.
Japanese chart position: 24 (Oricon).

Japanese first LP pressing with colour photo OBI noting the free poster. The second pressing (see below) has a pink/sepia group photo on the OBI and is more common. Both versions include a gatefold lyric sheet which you do not get with any other LP pressing. 

Japanese poster

quiet life

Japanese 2nd pressing

quiet life

UK Fame/EMI re-issue

UK label

Original UK labels - two versions with different type. The Irish label is similar to the second image but has Made In Ireland at the bottom of the label and spells David's name "Sylavian".

different label


French on Carrere.


UK Fame/EMI label

quiet life white label

Japanese white label promo and stock copy

Japanese label

German LP label

Dutch and German labels - both made in Germany


Canadian label

Canadian LP labels - the grey being a later pressing.


Australian LP sleeve with RCA Victor logo. Very cool. 

Australian LP label

Australian label - "The Quiet Life"!

Italian promo

Italian white label promo

Italian label

Italian stock label

Greek LP label

Greek label

israeli LP label

Israel LP label

israel back cover

Israel back cover printed in black & white

Spanish label

Spanish label

detail of Israel sleeve

Detail of the Israel sleeve

Quiet Life - Limited Edition (Hong Kong January 1980)

With bonus track "Life In Tokyo" before "Halloween" on side 2. The image shows the record itself, notice the orange label, and part of the sleeve. The sleeve is noticeably more colourful than the standard version, with a slight red tint overall. Appears to be a wierd UK edition but I have been told these were sold in Hong Kong only. 

  • Hong Kong vinyl LP with gatefold sleeve and sticker: SAHAL-8011
  • 2nd version has black and grey labels (similar to "Hansa International") and no sticker on the sleeve
qliferarelp.jpg (17991 bytes) Hong Kong label

UK cassette inlay
unusual cassette

Wierd cassette version - possibly unofficial - says it includes Life In Tokyo but the track does not appear on the tape.  
Japanese cassette Japanese mid-price reissue cassette from the 1980s

Fame cassette

Fame/EMI label UK re-issue cassette

french tape inlay

French cassette inlay

UK Fame label tapes


Spanish tape

Spanish Cassette - alternate track order

First Japanese CD, 3008 Yen obi
CD with obi

First Japanese CD back with ob

Japanese first CD

Japanese first CD disc

First Japanese CD back cover

Back of Japanese CD (first issue, 3200 Yen), without the obi.

3200 yen

1st Japanese obi detail

3008 Yen

Obi variation detail

Japanese re-issue CD - the disc inside is the same as included in the Prophetique box set, also the same mastering as the US release on Caroline. 


CD back

Japanese re-issue CD back - this one is a promo.

remaster label

Japanese re-issue CD label

mini box

Mini LP box from Japan, available very briefly in 2005. This was produced by the Japanese retailer Disk Union and was available if you pre-ordered all of the card sleeve titles. A very nice piece, though not official. 

box back

Back of the Japanese limited edition box.

Japanese CD with card sleeve

Card sleeve back

Japanese card sleeve back

Paper sleeve insert

Insert from the Japanese card sleeve edition

Quiet Life

Japanese card sleeve CD

us cd

USA CD booklet front


USA CD booklet back

Caroline CD

USA CD disc

Caroline CD back

USA CD back

German CD

German CD disc

German CD back

German CD back

Russian CD

Russian CD disc and back cover


Quiet Life UK & Australian re-issue CD 2001

Remastered, with the original gatefold sleeve images included in the booklet. 

  • UK pressing BMG Camden 74321 89582 2
  • Australian pressing: 74321 895822

Includes the bonus tracks:

  • Quiet Life single mix (this is track 1 in place of the album version, which is included as a "bonus" 12 inch mix)
  • All Tomorrows Parties (12" version)
  • A Foreign Place
  • Life In Tokyo (Extended Remix)

Quiet Life

The regular LP cover was used for this version of the CD

back cover
inner booklet

2001 disc

Quiet Life remastered CD 2004

With a different selection of bonus tracks, plus the video to the title track, and a booklet with the Japanese artwork. Also released in Japan, in a jewel case, with an additional insert featuring lyrics and the sleevenotes translated into Japanese. In 2006 this edition was re-issued in the UK and Europe in a jewel case. 

  • UK digipack: BMG 82876 566952 
  • UK jewel case: 82876 844482
  • Japanese: BMG BVCM-31132
  • Japanese 2008 reissue CD with card sleeve BVCM-35415

UK digipack with sticker


UK CDR promo


Japanese CD 
Japanese card sleeve

Japanese mini LP card sleeve
CD disc

This design appears on both the UK and Japanese pressings

Unofficial Russian CD 2009 

Strange Sounds Records SS-018
with bonus tracks "I Second That Emotion" and "European Son". The inner tray has pictures lifted from this website - shame on them!

Russian CD

tray image
cd Back

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