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Rain Tree Crow

Big Wheels in Shanty Town    7:09    
Every Colour You Are    4:46   
Rain Tree Crow    2:05   
Red Earth (As Summertime Ends)    3:38   
Pocket Full of Change    6:08    
Boat's for Burning    0:45   
New Moon at Red Deer Wallow    5:13   
Blackwater    4:20    
A Reassuringly Dull Sunday    1:22   
Blackcrow Hits Shoe Shine City    5:15   
Scratchings on the Bible Belt    2:47   
Cries and Whispers    2:37   
I Drink to Forget    1:56   (bonus track on remastered editions)

Catalogue numbers:
  • UK LP V 2659 - same catalogue number for the Italian LP
  • UK cassette TCV 2659
  • UK CD CDV 2659 (made in Holland) - same catalogue number in Canada
  • UK remastered CD (digipack) CDVDX 2659
  • UK remastered CD in jewel case CDVR 2659 
  • EU remastered copy controlled CD in digipack 7243 5 91026 2 7
  • USA CD 0777 7 86252 2
  • Japanese CD (some in box with special booklet) VJCP-30087
  • Japanese re-issue CD 1993 VJCP-23208
  • Russian CD CDVR 2659
  • Canadian cassette VL4 2659
Many thanks to Stefan and the ozboyz for assisting with this page
USA booklet

Original CD booklet

UK remastered digipack
UK remastered version digipack

Original UK CD
UK promo CDR

UK promo CDR - note that "I Drink To Forget" has a time listed of 0.00.
promo CD disc
Japanese box

Japanese CD box 
Japanese promo

Japanese promo CD
Japanese CD

Regular Japanese CD
Japanese 1993 re-issue

Japanese re-issue CD
Japanese remasterJapanese

Japanese remastered version, with large wrap around obi.


Russian CD cover
Canadian promo back

Canadian promo CD front and back

Canadian CD

Back of the Canadian CD - notice how a different shot has been used for the Canadian releases.
Promotional cassette

USA Promotional cassette - "Raintree Crow"
Cassette inlay

UK cassette inlay TCV 2659
UK cassette

UK cassette tape

Canadian cassette inlay
Press release

Press release/retailer pack. This includes a photo, a brief biography of the members solo careers up to 1990, and a folder containing release info. This includes the dealer prices so must have been sent out to music shops and chain buyers as well as the press.
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