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alternate mix!

Acetate with an alternate mix! This was offered for sale on eBay in 2004 but does not appear on popsike.com so I can not verify a selling price. 

Sometimes I Feel So Low - UK, Japan, USA single 1978. 

UK & Japan October 1978

A: Sometimes I Feel So Low 3.39
B: Love Is Infectious 4.08

Both tracks are the same as on "Obscure Alternatives". Of the three, the Japanese 7" is the most common as it was being pressed up to 1985. Early copies, though, have the insert printed on thicker, textured paper. 

  • UK catalogue number Hansa AHA-529
  • Japanese Victor VIP2678.
UK picture sleeve
UK black vinyl

UK black vinyl single (far rarer than the blue vinyl pressing)
Back of the picture sleeve

Back of the UK picture sleeve
Solid centre

UK blue vinyl single with solid centre
Push out centre

UK blue vinyl single with push out centre

Japanese picture insert


Japanese 7" label

promo UK

UK promo label

Japanese promo label

USA promo 7" and 12"

Both sides: Sometimes I Feel So Low 3.39

The 12" is Japan's first single in the larger format and plays at 33rpm.

USA 7" promo: 7727
12" sleeve

12" promo in record company sleeve PRO-7727
test pressing

7" test pressing
US label

US 12" promo label
test pressing

12" test pressing
info sheet
Label copy instructions as included with the test pressing 12" (thanks ozboyz).


12" custom cover (thanks Matthew). The "Get Into Japan" section is a large sticker and where it is placed varies from copy to copy. Matt's copy is at an angle wheras mine is in the centre.

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