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The Masters (UK 1997)

UK CD Eagle Records EAB CD 003  
  1. Quiet Life
  2. European Son
  3. I Second That Emotion
  4. Life In Tokyo (Short Version)
  5. All Tomorrow's Parties (Assemblage version)
  6. Deviation (live)
  7. Adolescent Sex
  8. Halloween
  9. Love Is Infectious
  10. Communist China
  11. Lovers On Main Street
  12. In Vogue
  13. Suburban Berlin
  14. Alien
  15. Obscure Alternatives

The sound quality of the disc rather strangely varies - the tracks from "Adolescent Sex" sound particularly thin on my copy. There is also an apparent volume difference between these tracks and the rest. "Deviation" (live version) sounds better than on "A Souvenir From Japan", though. The booklet has a "new" picture on the front but is otherwise not great. The producers are not even listed, which is a shame.



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