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The Singles (Japan 1996)

Japanese double CD compilation of all the singles and remixes issued by Hansa on the UK 7" and 12" from 1978 through to 1983. Some have been mastered from vinyl and (mostly) sound amazing. The same versions of some songs are repeated though, because the compiler has included all the A and B sides in chronological order. This is well presented with a nice booklet including lyrics and illustrations of the picture sleeves. An excellent companion to the YMO "Overseas Collection" and like that, this is a good example of the use of CD as an archive tool. Now you don't need to worry about scratching any of those fragile 7" discs anymore!

Catalogue number
BMG BVCP8613/4

CD discs

Disc 1:-

  1. Don't Rain On My Parade
  2. Stateline
  3. The Unconventional
  4. Adolescent Sex (re-recorded version)
  5. Sometimes I Feel So Low
  6. Love Is Infectious
  7. Life In Tokyo (short version)
  8. Life In Tokyo (part 2)
  9. I Second That Emotion
  10. Quiet Life (fade version)
  11. Life In Tokyo (same track 7)
  12. European Son
  13. Quiet Life (1981 single version)
  14. A Foreign Place
  15. European Son (1981 single remix)
  16. Alien
  17. I Second That Emotion (1982 7" mix)
  18. Halloween (mastered from 7" single, mistakenly labelled as a remix - poor quality - you can hear some surface noise)

Disc 2:-

  1. Life In Tokyo (1982 Special Remix 7")
  2. Life In Tokyo (Theme)
  3. All Tomorrow's Parties (7" remix)
  4. In Vogue (live)
  5. Life In Tokyo (original 12")
  6. European Son (original 12")
  7. Sometimes I Feel So Low (from US promo 12"; sounds almost the same as usual, 2 seconds longer)
  8. Adolescent Sex (re-recorded version - exactly the same as on Disc 1)
  9. Life In Tokyo (special remix 12")
  10. Life In Tokyo (Theme - same as track 2)
  11. All Tomorrow's Parties (1983 Remix 12")
  12. I Second That Emotion (extended remix)
  13. Halloween (same as on disc 1 but with much better sound quality)
  14. European Son (extended remix)
  15. Quiet Life (album version)
  16. Fall In Love With Me
 The Singles

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