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Tin Drum (November 1981)

  1. The Art Of Parties (re-recorded version)
  2. Talking Drum
  3. Ghosts
  4. Canton
  5. Still Life In Mobile Homes
  6. Visions Of China
  7. Sons Of Pioneers
  8. Cantonese Boy

Collectors should seek out an original UK vinyl copy which came with a fold-out poster, or any Japanese edition on LP or CD which includes the lyrics. The Mexican LP features the song titles in Spanish and English on the back of the sleeve and on the record labels. Click here to see them. Many thanks to Antonio Escareno from Monterrey City, Mexico for these!

A acetete/test pressing of the album has been found which seems to suggest that the working title for the album was "Ghosts".

UK chart position: 12, Japan 38 (Oricon), No2 (Overseas artists chart)

  • Original UK LP (some with group poster): Virgin V2209. Same catalogue number used for the Australian and New Zealand pressings. 
  • UK cassette TCV2209 - this catalogue number was also used in several other countries
  • UK re-issue LP (1984) OVED 158
  • UK re-isue cassette OVEDC 158
  • UK/European CD: Virgin CDV2209
  • Japanese LP: Victor VIP6984
  • Japanese cassette: Victor VCW-1732
  • Mexican LP: Virgin LA-485
  • German LP: 204 169-320
  • Italian LP VIL 1220
  • Italian re-issue LP OVED 158
  • Finland LP V 2209
  • Sweden LP V 2209
  • Korean LP (different sleeve) SCS;00028 
  • Japanese 1987 re-issue LP Virgin/Toshiba-EMI 25VB-1014
  • Japanese 1987 re-issue cassette 25VC-1014
  • Japanese "Big Artist Collection" re-issue LP (1988): VJL-147
  • Spanish LP 602905
  • French LP 204169
  • New Zealand cassette Virgin/RTC TCV2209 
  • Canadian LP VL 2226
  • Yugoslavian LP LSVIRG 70959
  • South African LP VNC 5018
  • Hong Kong LP - LP263 064 (thanks Stefan!)
  • First Japanese CD (1984, yellow OBI): Victor VDP-57
  • Second Japanese CD (1987, different back sleeve and fold-out lyric sheet): 32VD-1016
  • Third Japanese CD (Big Artist Collection OBI, 1988:) VJD-28018
  • Fourth Japanese CD (Alternate Big Artist Collection OBI 1991): Virgin VJCP23056
  • Fifth Japanese CD (1993) : Virgin VJCP-23207
  • Sixth Japanese CD (1997, "Cool Price" OBI): VJCP3052
  • Seventh Japanese CD (Rock The 100 edition): TOCP-53039
  • USA CD (this is a picture CD): Caroline CAROL 1830-2
  • UK re-issue LP (1999): EMI LPCENT41
  • Canadian CD is a re-packaged UK CD with Canadian barcode sticker
  • Australian CD 7866972
  • UK remastered CD in jewel case CDVR 2209
  • Japanese remastered CD in jewel case TOCP53837
  • Japanese card sleeve version VJCP68873

Japanese LP. The same obi design is used for the 2008 Japanese mini LP CD remaster. 

Tin Drum reissue

Japanese 1987 reissue LP with different obi

Japanese LP reissue

Japanese reissue LP from 1988 (very rare)

Hong Kong

Hong Kong LP, manufactured by JVC in Japan


Poster given away with the UK first pressing. A mini version of this poster is included with the 2008 Japanese mini LP CD remaster.
Korean LP

Korean LP sleeve. The picture of Chairman Mao is cropped out and on the back sleeve group picture it has been covered up. 


Korean label - note that there are spelling errors. 

UK label

 UK original 1981 and limited edition vinyl re-issue from 1999
LPcent 41

Uk reissue

UK reissue label


Italian white label promo LP

Italian label

Italian label


Italian re-issue label (OVED 158)


Two different Australian labels! The second says it is made by CBS.
Alternate Australian

German original and re-issue labels


Canadial label 1

Canadian and Dutch LP labels - the Dutch one made in Germany


Japanese label

Japanese white label promo
big artist

Japanese re-issue label
French label



Yugoslavian LP label


Mexican LP label with song titles in Spanish

New Zealand

New Zealand
South African

South Africa


Finland LP label - note that it doesn't mention the album title.

swedish label

Swedish LP label 

swedish Lop detail

Detail of the Swedish LP sleeve

TCV2209 Tin Drum
Original UK cassette (the moire on the image does not appear on the actual item)
UK re-issue cassette

UK re-issue cassette OVEDC158
japanese tape

Japanese cassette,
outer box and insert
French casette Tin Drum

New Zealand cassette TCV2209
Taiwan cassette
Taiwan cassette

Thai cassette TCV2209


Japanese first CD, VDP-57


Japanese CD

Japanese CD back
Second Japanese CD, this was the only Japan album relased in this series which is reknowned for its superior sound quality and is collectable among audiophiles.  32vd-1016

Big Artist


1988 re-release CD VJD-28018



1991 re-release CD VJCP-23056


Japanese re-issue CD VJCP-23207

Tin Drum coolprice


Japanese "Cool Price" re-issue CD

rock the 100


Japanese "Rock The 100" re-issue CD


back cover

Most recent Japanese CD from 2007.

US CD US CD booklet back and picture CD

French CD

French CD disc - this is the design used for most international releases, with small variations depending on the country of manufacture and catalogue number.

UK/EEC/USA original CD booklet


Australian CD

No barcode

1st UK CD - no barcode


Australian CD back 



UK remaster

UK remastered CD cover from 2006

UK remaster back

Back of the UK remastered CD

Tin Drum, Remastered, Box edition 2003
  1. The Art Of Parties (re-recorded version)
  2. Talking Drum
  3. Ghosts
  4. Canton
  5. Still Life In Mobile Homes
  6. Visions Of China
  7. Sons Of Pioneers
  8. Cantonese Boy

Bonus CD:

  1. The Art Of Parties (12" single version)
  2. Life Without Buildings
  3. Ghosts (single version)
  4. The Art Of Parties (live version)
  • UK/EEC Remastered CD box: Virgin CDVX2209
  • Japanese remastered box edition: VJCP68601 

Japanese box

Japanese CD box

back of box

Back of the Japanese box/Obi

UK CD box

UK box back

Back of the UK box
UK bonus sleeve

UK bonus CD single sleeve unfolded
CDR promos

UK CDR promos

UK bonus disc

UK bonus disc


EU bonus disc with copy control logo

EU bonus back

Back of the EU bonus disc sleeve with information about the copy protection system.


Booklet from inside the box with Sylvian in an alternate pose

Unofficial/pirate editions 

pirate tape

Unofficial tape, with alternate order of tracks IMD 7836

tin drum unofficial tape

Unofficial tape with extra tracks from "Gentlemen Take Polaroids" and "Quiet Life". AS 2383.
russian cd inlay

Russian CD inlay with some images borrowed from this site!

russian cd

Russian CD

another CD

Another Russuan CD with "State Line" and "Life In Tokyo" as bonus tracks. 

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