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Includes "After a Fashion" and "Textures" with Mick Karn

The DVD above includes footage of Yellow Magic Orchestra in the recording studio.

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1979 Japan Tour

James has generously provided a description of the contents:

Page 1 Cover  Page 2/3 B/W Cartoon Drawing of The Band,  BY JIMMIE MORITA 

Page 4/5 - B/W Promo Shot of the band Text reads  An Udo  Artists, Inc. Presentation. 1979 Rockupation '79.  Design by New Photo Studio + Triangle. Printing by Koyosha.  Then there is some Japanese writing  with tour dates.. 

Page 6- B/W promo shot of band, with text "Japan Story". 

Page 7- 2 b/w photos (same photo, 1 big, 1 small) of David and Japanese text. 

Page 8 - 2 b/w photos of Steve and Japanese text.
Page 9 - 2 b/w photos (same photo, 1 big, 1 small) of Mick and Japanese text 

Page 10 - 2 b/w photos (same photo, 1 big, 1 small) of Rich and Japanese text. 

Page 11 - 2 b/w photos (same photo, 1 big, 1 small) of Rob and Japanese text. 

Page 12 -  B/W Pic of Band with Sylvian holding glowing sword. 

Page 13 - Full page of Japanese text written by REIKO YUKAWA 

Page 14 - B/W Band shot on bus with Sylvian sitting in front. 

Page 15 - Full Page of japanese text written by MIKIO MORIWAKI 

Page 16 - Color Photo of Mick Karn Live On Stage with Red Hair and Pink Pants/Shirt 

Page 17 - 3 Color Photos of Rich/Rob And David Live 

Page 18/19 - Color Advert for Maxwell Blendy Coffee 

Page 20/21 - Color Band Shot on the Streets In London 

Page 22/23 - B/W Live shot of Mick and David with Japanese text written by PANTA 

Page 24 - 2 B/W Photos... 1 Of the band and the other of David Singing Live 

Page 25 - Full Page of Japanese text written by HARUKO MINAKAMI 

Page 26/27 - B/W Photo of Mick, David and Rob with Japanese text THE TENANT BIN TERAMURA Are the only words in English on the page

Page 28 - B/W Live Shot of Karn and Sylvian 

Page 29 - English and Japanese Text with the song titles from the show.

Page 30 -  Ads for other UDO Concerts, Tod (sic) Rundgren & Utopia, Journey,  Roxy Music, Earth Wind & Fire, Blue Oyster Cult, Nazareth 

Page 31 - Ad for JOQR All Japan Pop 20 with b/w pic of band with Sylvian kneeling 

Page 32 - Ad for Music store of some kind with pics of guitars, drums and piano 

Page 33 -  Ad for yamaha system drums drum kits 

Page 34 - Ad for Alexander's Ragtime Band (ARB) on Victor Records and Tapes 

Page 35 - Ad for Japan's first two albums with pics of each on Victor Records and Tapes 

Page 36 - Back Cover - Color Shot of band and text  AN UDO ARTISTS, INC. PRESENTATION 1979 ROCKUPATION '79

1980 Japan Tour

This tour programme has very little text. Most pages are photos from mid to late 1979, the earliest being from the previous Japanese tour, the most recent being from the session on the cover. Some shots are from the Toronto live show in November 1979. There are also photos from the unusual "outer space" session with David and Mick in bizarre make-up, looking like aliens with stars in the background. There are also pages for Yamaha drums, some guitar ads and support band ARB (Alexander's Ragtime Band, who also supported them on the 1979 tour). 

Most interesting that an article is provided by Haruo Chikada whose recent  album "Natural Beauty" was a collaboration with Y.M.O. Finally there is a nice 2 page advert for "Blendy" coffee featuring a very rugged looking Paul Newman. The photo of Newman is in such contrast to those of Japan (who are featured at their most glamorous) the effect is somewhat amusing.

1981 Japan Tour

Many thanks to Charles for the cover scan and description.

Pg. 1: square, centered b&w photo of david singing
Pg. 2: full page grainy b&w photo of david singing passionately w/eyes closed
Pg. 3: separate b&w photos of rob and steve playing live
Pg. 4: separate b&w photos of rich and mick playing live
Pg. 5: b&w band shot with names (same session as cover photo)
Pg. 6: black page with tour dates and b&w photo of david, arm around smiling mick
Pg. 7: b&w photo of david & mick both singing
Pg. 8: b&w photo of david singing
Pg. 9: b&w group shot under architecture
Pg.10: japan critique by toyo nakamura (compares japan to other bands,etc.)
Pg.11: color photo of david accepting flower from fan while singing
Pg.12: color photo of mick playing on "I second that emotion" promo
Pg.13: b&w press photo of band admiring mick's sculpture
Pg.14: japan critique by ryoichi abe (japan has created a fresh new look and sound, etc.)
Pg.15: b&w shot of band playing ogwt
Pg.16: japan critique by Keiichi Suzuki (talks of a japan show he attended, etc.)
Pg.17: color photos of band outside building/ david singing, arm around mick
Pg.18: color photos of rob playing/ steve playing/ richard playing
Pg.19 three panel b&w photos of mick & sculpture/ david pointing gun/ rob in hallway
Pg.20 b&w shots of rich & steve. b&w cover shots of 4 japan albums
Pg.21 side by side b&w photos of steve & rich live/ large photo of david & rob live
Pg.22 side by side b&w photos of rob & mick live/ large photo of david live
Pg.23 large b&w photo of david playing piano/ small cut-in photo of david & mick live
Pg.24 tour ads for billy joel, boomtown rats, lee ritenour
Pg.25 ad for JOQR radio show. includes candid shot of band
Pg.26 ad for roland amps
Pg.27 ad for ibanez guitars
Pg.28 ads for 4 japan albums/tapes + new release info for "the singles" w/piclabel
Back color photo of band live

The Art Of Parties UK May 1981.

Includes lyrics for The Art Of Parties, Life Without Buildings, Alien and Swing. Full musician credits for the Polaroids album, a poem called "African Heaven" by Frank Kobina Parkes (very evocative of the sound of The Art Of Parties single), photos from 1979 - early 1981 by Steve Jansen, Rob Dean and Fin Costello. 

parprog.jpg (14494 bytes)
Visions Of China UK December 1981.

Includes lyrics for all the songs on Tin Drum except The Art Of Parties and stills from the Visions Of China video. Photos by Steve Jansen, Fin Costello and Yuka Fujii. 

visprog.jpg (9458 bytes)
Sons Of Pioneers UK, Europe, Asia September - December 1982.

Includes photos by Fin Costello, Steve Jansen and Yuka Fujii, including a couple of Sakamoto. Pages for Sandii & The Sunsetz and Masami Tsuchiya. Lyrics of Nightporter and a sketch by David (stolen and used as the cover of the Nightporter bootleg LP). The Japanese version includes a couple of amended pages to mention Japanese releases and the guest appearance at the Budokan of Y.M.O. members.

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