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Acetate of "Communist China" and "The Unconventional" sold on eBay in 2004 for 350. 

The Unconventional/Adolescent Sex

UK August 1978

A: The Unconventional 3.00
AA: Adolescent Sex (re-recorded version) 4.12

"The Unconventional" is taken from the album "Adolescent Sex" while the b-side is a re-recorded version which was cut during sessions for the second Japan album. It was a rarity for a couple of years but is now, thanks to numerous appearances on compilations, the most familiar version of the track. ("Assemblage", "The Singles", "In Vogue" etc). The picture sleeve is a fairly uninspired black, red and white effort based around the back sleeve photo of the "Adolescent Sex" album. As with the first UK single, the labels are paper and promo copies have a large "A" stamped in the middle. 

Hansa AHA-525. 

UK 7-inch

Front sleeve

Back sleeve


"The Other Side"! This does not make any sense if you think about it... This is a stock copy of the single, which exists with a solid centre or a push-out centre, as shown here. 

Promo label

The Unconventional/Lovers On Main Street

Japan August 1978

A: The Unconventional 3.00
B: Lovers On Main Street 4.06

7" with a full colour photo and lyric insert. Fairly easy to find as new copies were being pressed up to 1985 - it was one of the group's best selling singles. Some of the early inserts are printed on thick, textured paper with a plastic coating. Watch out for the number of stars in the matrix - the less stars the earlier the pressing, so a dealer tells me.

Victor VIP-2648



Stock label
White label

Promo label

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