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JAPAN - The Wish List

This wish list has been compiled in order to give Virgin/Universal and Sony BMG some examples of the kind of releases the fans would like to see. It is my belief that releases such as these would be of interest to the fans, collectors and general public, and would be more profitable for the record companies. 

An alternative would be to make songs available as official downloads. 

Japan at the BBC CD or CD/DVD set

Fans voted to say they would like to buy a Japan CD/DVD (or 2 CD set) with a full live show. I would suggest the best one would be Hammersmith Odeon 7th February 1981, which was recorded by the BBC and broadcast in part on Radio One on at least two occasions. If the BBC recording was used, there are possible bonuses in the form of the BBC Whistle Test and Top of the Pops performances. This is also useful as it allows more "hits" to be included, making the set a more attractive buy to the general public. The tracks noted as unreleased were recorded by the BBC but not broadcast. If BBC recordings of certain tracks are not available, there are high quality takes in fan circulation from Japanese broadcast sources. Suggested details outlined below:

CD1: BBC Radio One Live at Hammersmith Odeon, February 1981

  1. Burning Bridges (intro tape)
  2. Swing
  3. Gentlemen Take Polaroids
  4. Alien
  5. ...Rhodesia
  6. Quiet Life
  7. My New Career
  8. Obscure Alternatives (unreleased)
  9. Taking Islands In Africa
  10. Methods Of Dance
  11. Ain't That Peculiar
  12. Sometimes I Feel So Low (unreleased)
  13. Halloween
  14. European Son
  15. Life In Tokyo (unreleased)
  16. Adolescent Sex (unreleased)
  17. Automatic Gun with Burning Bridges reprise (unreleased)

CD2 or DVD: Japan at the BBC

  1. Swing (Whistle Test 1980) Live
  2. My New Career (Whistle Test 1980) Live
  3. Quiet Life (Top of the Pops 1981)
  4. Quiet Life (Oxford Road Show 1981)
  5. Visions of China (Oxford Road Show 1981)
  6. Cantonese Boy (Oxford Road Show 1981)
  7. Ghosts (Whistle Test 1982) with Ryuichi Sakamoto Live
  8. Cantonese Boy (Whistle Test 1982) with Ryuichi Sakamoto Live
  9. Mick Karn & Angie Bowie (Whistle Test 1982) Live
  10. Ghosts (Top of the Pops 1982) 
  11. Cantonese Boy (Top of the Pops 1982)
  12. Nightporter (Whistle Test 1982) Live
  13. The Art Of Parties (Whistle Test 1982) Live
  14. The Other Side of Life (Riverside acoustic version 1982) Live
  15. Ghosts (Riverside acoustic version 1982) Live
  16. Interviews with Sylvian and Karn on Riverside 1982

Music From The Penguin Cafe

In early 1981, Japan recorded 90 minutes of material to be played as background music for their exhibition of sculpture and photography in Tokyo, and for the Penguin Cafe, a small eatery run by Mick Karn. The music is improvisational and was probably recorded live direct onto tape. Some material features just Rich and David, other parts all members of the group. We would very much like to hear these recordings as none of it has been released and as such it is the "lost" Japan album.

Japan Singles Collection

A straightforward compilation of hit singles by Japan and the solo members during the lifetime of the group. On the surface this is designed to appeal to the casual CD buyer, but in fact, due to the strange ways the Japan back catalogue has been treated on CD, there's a lot here for collectors too. The order of tracks is intended to flow, rather than being strictly chronological, starting with up tempo hits before moving to the slower, reflective numbers. The theme then moves towards the oriental sounding hits before going up tempo again for some rock numbers from the early days. The track listing also takes into account tracks that were hits in foreign (non-UK) territories and overall gives a good overview of the group's entire back catalogue. The versions of tracks unless noted otherwise are the hit single versions that were available at the time on 7" vinyl pressings.  CD2 is a selection of rare B-sides. All titles owned by EMI except * owned by BMG. As you can see, if licensing issues could not be resolved, there's still enough material from both companies for them to make individual CD's.

CD1 - Hits (running time approx 74 minutes)

  1. Quiet Life (Japanese single edit - unreleased on CD)*
  2. Life In Tokyo (1982 single mix)*
  3. European Son (Steve Nye single mix  - only on CD in Japan)*
  4. Gentlemen Take Polaroids (single version)
  5. Nightporter (Steve Nye single version or DJ Edit version - both unreleased on CD)
  6. Ghosts (single version)
  7. Cantonese Boy
  8. Bamboo Music (Sylvian & Sakamoto single - 7" version unreleased on CD)
  9. Bamboo Houses (as above - 7" single version unreleased on CD)
  10. Visions Of China (long version - only on rare Kult Klassics compilation CD)
  11. The Art Of Parties (7" single version - unreleased on CD)
  12. Sensitive (Mick Karn single - original mix unreleased on CD)
  13. I Second That Emotion (Steve Nye single mix - only on CD in Japan)*
  14. All Tomorrow's Parties (Steve Nye single mix)*
  15. Sometimes I Feel So Low (hit in Japan)*
  16. The Unconventional (hit in Japan)*
  17. Adolescent Sex (single version) (hit in The Netherlands)*
  18. Don't Rain On My Parade (hit in Australia)*

CD2 - B-sides and rare tracks (running time approx 74 minutes)

  1. Some Kind Of Fool (Japan version unreleased - scheduled for single release in 1982 but cancelled in favour of Nightporter. Sylvian remixed and overdubbed this for "Everything & Nothing" in 2000)
  2. Swing (single mix - unreleased except as video soundtrack)
  3. Ain't That Peculiar (Nightporter b-side single version - unreleased on CD)
  4. Taking Islands In Africa (Steve Nye mix)
  5. Burning Bridges (7" Polaroids EP version - unreleased on CD)
  6. The Experience Of Swimming (B-side of Polaroids and Cantonese Boy)
  7. The Width Of A Room (Polaroids EP track)
  8. A Foreign Place (Quiet Life B-side)*
  9. The Sound Of Waves (Mick Karn's Sensitive b-side - the single version has never been released on CD)
  10. Life Without Buildings (Art Of Parties b-side)
  11. Virgin Video sound ID (only on VHS - "Oil On canvas" & "Instant Pictures")
  12. Canton (Live) (single version - unreleased on CD)
  13. The Art Of Parties (live version - Ghosts B-side)
  14. Goodnight (duet with Akiko Yano - only on CD in Japan on the albums "Ai Ga Nakucha Ne" and "From Japan To Japan") (Midi Inc).

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