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Japan Live 1980

"Quiet Life" Tour

With guest musician Jane Shorter on saxophone

  • 30/1/80 - London, The Venue. A bootleg tape exists of this show on which you can hear Sylvian or Karn introduce Life In Tokyo with the line: "And now we're going to play the single that nobody thought fit enough to buy.". Review and photo here.
  • 4/3/80 - London, The Venue
  • 5/3/80 - London, The Venue
  • 19/3/80 - Osaka Festival Hall
  • 21/3/80 - Kyoto, Kaikan Duachi Hall
  • 22/3/80 - Fukuoka Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium. Bootleg tape exists. 
  • 24/3/80 - Ishikawa Welfare Hall
  • 26/3/80 - Niigata Civic Centre
  • 27/3/80 - Ibaraki Prefecture Cultural Hall. This is mislabelled on bootleg tapes as Mito Hall. The actual recordings are all from the Budokan show on 16/3/80.  
  • 29/3/80 - Sapporo Koseinken Hall. "The Other Side Of Life" performed by David and Richard while an issue with the guitars is sorted out.   Bootleg tape exists.

Set list: Despair (intro tape), Alien, ...Rhodesia, Quiet Life, Fall In Love With Me, Deviation (re-arranged), All Tomorrows Parties, Obscure Alternatives (re-arranged), In Vogue, Life In Tokyo, Halloween, Sometimes I Feel So Low (re-arranged), Communist China (re-arranged), Adolescent Sex (significantly re-arranged), I Second That Emotion, Automatic Gun. At some of the Japanese dates there was an additional encore of Suburban Berlin.

Quiet Life tour programme

Japanese tour programme

1980 tour advert

Advertising for the Osaka dates.

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Thanks to Henk Kamps for additional information.

27 November 1980 -

"Polaroids" launch show - London Lyceum

Lyceum advert

According to Mick Karn, Jane Shorter was still playing sax with the group at the time of this show. There was a power cut during the performance. Bootlg tapes exist naming this show but all discovered to date actually play the Hammersmith 7/2/81 show as broadcast by the BBC.    

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