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Unreleased (in some cases possibly non-existent) Japan tracks

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The following tracks are not in the ownership of any record company. If the recordings still exist it is probable the former members of Japan, or their former managers may have them. In many cases they are likely to be lost, or not suitable for release due to recording quality or that the performances do not match the high standard expected by the group. If you do have any of the recordings marked in italics, please get in touch as I would like to hear them.

BMG tried to track some of these tracks down for release on two occasions, in 1998 and 2003, but none were found in their archive.

First demo tape Songs: Tonight, Lovers on Main Street, Assasination, Red Velvet and Review. Produced by Simon Napier-Bell for Nomis Morgan Productions in very late 1976. Recently found in a collection, never listened to, as the right equipment needs to be found. When more news is available, it will be on the front page of this site. 

Second Demo Tape, Jan 1977, alternating cover versions with original songs; tape cover appears in "A Foreign Place" by Anthony Reynolds:

Superstition (Stevie Wonder cover), Incidentally, Intimate Lovers, Family Affair, Review (V2), Still No Motion, This Old Heart Of Mine, Living For The City, Lovers On Main Street (V2), Knock On Wood, Applause Applause, Norwegian Heartache, Assasination (V2), I Shot The Sherrif Ain't Too Proud To Beg.

Heartbreaker (Do Do Do Do Do) (Stones cover - first recorded 1976 for the second Japan demo tape, second studio recording made during the recording of "Obscure Alternatives"). Several live recordings exist.

Mementos Of Your Love
(live    1977). Available on bootleg.

Diamonds (live 1977). Sometimes called "Diamonds Make You Feel Like A Woman" on bootlegs.

Body Rhythm (live 1977). Sometimes called "Party Rhythm" on bootlegs.

Keep On Up (live 1977). Available on bootleg.

Going Round (live 1977). Available on bootleg.

Stepping Out (live 1977) - various songs from Adolescent Sex were also recorded at the same time. The recording appears to be a live show or rehearsal that was taped. See the Bootlegs page for more details.

Razor (1977 - produced by Steve Rowland for Adolescent Sex) - there were alternate versions of other tracks recorded with Steve Rowland which have yet to see the light of day. A string section and session keyboardist was used. 

Venus In Furs (Lou Reed cover, 1978, Obscure Alternatives demo sessions)

Can't Get Enough (up tempo pop number from 78 maybe a bit too cheerful sounding for Japan. This was played at one of the Bamboo parties in the late 80's.)

Alien - different song from early 1979, completely unrelated to the number that was released on Quiet Life.

Some Kind Of Fool (1980) This was overdubbed with new lyrics by David and released on his "Everything & Nothing" album. It was due for release on "Gentlemen Take Polaroids" but was replaced by "Burning Bridges". There are quite a lot of UK and German pressings of the album listing this song on the sleeve. Some German copies even show the song on the record label, but every copy plays "Burning Bridges". In September 1982, Virgin announced that the track was to be released as a single, and was allocated a catalogue number (VS554) and release date. However, David decided to re-record the track with Pierre Barouh and it was cancelled and replaced with "Nightporter". David never got around to recording it with Pierre. The Japan version was slated for release on a compilation CD in August 1999, but this was prevented as David wanted to include it on "Everything & Nothing". According to Rob Dean the version on Everything & Nothing is the final studio recording with vocal overdubs only, so is close to the version that would have come out on Polaroids.                            

Angel In Furs (1980) - unfinished track from the Polaroids sessions. Confusing information on this one - according to Richard Chadwick it does not exist, but according to Rob Dean it does, and was rehearsed at Nomis studios right at the beginning of the Polaroids recording sessions. *Excerpt played by Richard Barbieri to the audience during his talks on 13/11/16, which demonstrated that part of the guitar melody was used for the vocal melody of My New Career.

The Penguin Cafe Tapes. 90 minutes of instrumentals written by Sylvian and Barbieri, performed by the whole group. The tapes were played in Mick's restaurant and at the sculpture and photography exhibition in Japan, 1981. The recordings were considered for release by Virgin as a Sylvian and Barbieri double album project in 1982 or 1983. Richard Barbieri states his copy is labelled "Music For The October Gallery". Excerpts from two tracks were played at a 2016 fan gathering to celebrate Mick Karn's birthday.

Rice Music Masami Tsuchiya track rehearsed for the final tour and possibly recorded, 1982

Secret Party Masami Tsuchiya track from the rehearsals for the final tour at Nomis studios 1982

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