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Quiet Life single

Quiet Life, one of the key Japan tracks, was a natural choice for a single, and for collectors there are several versions to hunt for.

Japanese 7" - Dec 1979

A: Quiet Life 4.14
B: Halloween 4.24

This single, backed with "Halloween", is a unique edit lasting 4 minutes and 14 seconds, which basically omits the guitar solo but retains the full ending of the song. This version has never been available on CD.

  • Victor VIP-2797.

Japanese picture insert
Insert back

Back of the picture insert
stock label white label

Japanese promo

UK and Ireland August 1981

7" version:
A: Quiet Life 3.34
B: A Foreign Place 3.14

12" version:
A: Quiet Life 4.52 - called "extended version" but it's the LP mix.
B1: A Foreign Place 3.14
B2: Fall In Love With Me 4.32

Another different 7" version can be found here, the shortest, but skilfully edited. According to the book "A Tourists Guide To Japan" this was an experimental mix considered for release in Japan. This turned out to be one of Japan's biggest hits and it is the only one of the Ariola Hansa songs that they would mime live on British TV during the later stage of their career. The 7" is backed with a previously unreleased track, "A Foreign Place", a very oriental number pre-dating "Tin Drum", and is joined on the 12" by "Fall In Love With Me". The 12" sleeve may say you are getting an "extended version", but this is the standard LP mix. Interestingly, the demand for this 7" led to a fair proportion being manufactured in Germany - these copies have silver/grey paper labels pressed on the wrong sides. Another difference is that UK sleeves open at the side while the German ones open at the top. Meanwhile, the actual German version had a different sleeve, a different b-side and was released by a different company (see below) UK chart position: 19.

  • UK 7" Hansa HANSA6
  • Irish 7" HANSA6
  • German export 7" with Hansa International labels HANSA6
  • UK 12" Hansa HANSA126 - in picture sleeve or record company sleeve.
  • German export 12" with Hansa International labels
  • Irish 12" (thick cover with spine) Hansa HANSA126

Front of the single sleeve
back sleeve

Back of the 12" single sleeve - the 7" version is the same except that Fall In Love With Me is not listed.
12" label
UK 12" label
UK 7" label

German export 12" label
German export
7" German export label

Irish 7" label
Irish alternate label
Alternate Irish label missing the credit for John Punter

UK 12" in Hansa sleeve
arista sleeve

This Arista sleeve was used for a lot of the Hansa UK 12" singles after the picture sleeves were all sold out.
test pressing

UK 7" Test pressing

Holland and Germany 1980, 1982

A: Quiet Life 3.51
B: I Second That Emotion 3.46

  • German 7" Rocktopus 101-754-100. Thanks Lech for the image!
  • Re-issue 1982, with sleeve stating "Top Ten UK Charts". 103-706-100. Some copies of this were pressed for the UK market with the addition of a HANSA12 catalogue number. These have Hansa International labels, not Rocktopus. See the Second That Emotion discography page
  • Dutch 7" in unique sleeve Hansa 101685

Original front sleeve 101-754-100

Back sleeve

Back sleeve of 101-754-100

Information sheet included with promo copies
Record label

Re-issue 103-706-100

Back sleeve

Back sleeve of 103-706-100
Promo sheet

Info sheet that came with promo copies of 103-706-100
Record label

Dutch picture sleeve and label

Dutch back sleeve

Back of the Dutch picture sleeve
Quiet Life b-side label

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