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Polaroids tour advert

Japan Live 1981

"Polaroids" Tour

  • 15/2/81 - Yashima Theatre (?)
  • 16/2/81 - Kobe
  • 18/2/81 - Sapporo Koseinken Hall
  • 20/2/81 - Osaka Festival Hall. Bootleg tape exists. One of Rob's favourite shows
  • 21/2/81 - Nagoya, Shi Kohkaido. Bootleg tape exists.

Set list: Burning Bridges, Swing (with a different intro to the album version), Gentlemen Take Polaroids, Alien, ...Rhodesia, Quiet Life, My New Career, Obscure Alternatives (new arrangement, very different), Taking Islands In Africa, Methods Of Dance, Aint That Peculiar, Sometimes I Feel So Low, Halloween, European Son (new arrangement), Life In Tokyo, Adolescent Sex (new arrangement, very different), Automatic Gun. A lot of bootleg tapes for this tour give dates from April 1981, but they are all wrong.

There was an equipment problem at one of the dates (Sapporo?) and so some acoustic, piano and vocal numbers were played e.g. The Other Side Of Life.


Polaroids tour programme

Japanese tour souvenir programme

View images from the tour here

"The Art Of Parties" TourRock City

  • 7/5/81 - Nottingham Rock City

  • 8/5/81 - Norwich East Anglia University
  • 9/5/81 - Manchester Apollo
  • 10/5/81 - Leeds Tiffanys
  • 12/5/81 - Edinburgh Odeon (called 15/5/81 Edinburgh Playhouse on bootleg)
  • Tour press ad

    13/5/81 - Liverpool, Royal Court Theatre
  • 14/5/81 - Birmingham Odeon
  • 16/5/81 - Hammersmith Odeon
  • 17/5/81 - Hammersmith Odeon. Bootleg tape exists of this show.

This was the last tour with Rob Dean on guitar.

Set list: Burning Bridges, Swing, Gentlemen Take Polaroids, Alien, ...Rhodesia, Quiet Life, My New Career, Obscure Alternatives (re-arranged again, almost sounding like Ghosts), Taking Islands In Africa, Methods Of Dance, Aint That peculiar, The Art Of Parties, Halloween, European Son, Life In Tokyo, Sometimes I Feel So Low, Fall In Love with Me.

The ticket prices for this tour ranged between 2.50 and 3.50, while Gary Numan was charging 5.00 per seat at his concerts!

View images from the tour here

Tour flyer frontBack of the flyer

Flyer promoting the tour and single distributed to record shops.

Art of Parties tour programme

Tour programme

"Daze Of Future Past" Festival, Leeds 27/9/81 (Cancelled)

Japan were supposed to headline this festival which was held at the Queens Hall. The band pulled out shortly after the first press adverts went out; they were still working on "Tin Drum" and had yet to recruit David Rhodes to play guitar. Interesting that members of Japan ended up working later on with Bauhaus' Peter Murphy and Matthew Seligman who was a member of The Thompson Twins.

Daze Of Future Past clipping

Visions Of China tour press advert

"Visions Of China" Tour

  • 7/12/81 - St Austell, Cornwall Coliseum
  • 8/12/81 - Portsmouth Guildhall
  • 10/12/81 - Leeds Queens Hall (see photos)
  • 11/12/81 - Lancaster University
  • 12/12/81 - Liverpool Empire
  • 13/12/81 - Manchester Apollo
  • 14/12/81 - Newcastle City Hall
  • 15/12/81 - Edinburgh Playhouse
  • 17/12/81 - Birmingham Odeon

  • 19/12/81 - Brighton. Bootleg tape exists - whoever was playing the Marimba in "Ghosts" manages to drop something on it during a quiet part of the song, much to the amusement of the audience. Also circulating on CDR.photo by Lawrence Taylor
  • 20/12/81 - Leicester De Montford Hall
  • 21/12/81 - London Drury Lane Theatre
  • 23/12/81 - Hammersmith Odeon 6pm show
  • 23/12/81 - Hammersmith Odeon 9pm show. One of these shows is the source of the bootleg CD "Methods Of Tin Drum" and the other show is the source of "The Art of Parties (version)" that was the b-side of "Ghosts".
  • 27/12/81 - Hammersmith Odeon. Bootleg CDR in circulation.

photo by Lawrence Taylor

David Rhodes was the guitarist for this tour and the group supporting Japan was Blancmange, who he went on to play with.

Set list: Canton, Swing, Gentlemen Take Polaroids, Alien, Talking Drum, Visions Of China, Quiet Life, My New Career, Ghosts, Cantonese Boy, Methods Of Dance, Still Life In Mobile Homes, European Son, The Art Of Parties, Life In Tokyo, Fall In Love With Me, Canton (finale).

Visions of China tour programme

Tour programme, including the lyrics to songs on "Tin Drum".

View images from the tour here

According to Mick, this is known within Japan as "The Shit Tour"!

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